Jerry Zimowske, President called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. in the Ceramics Room of Orchard Creek. All board members were present with the exception of Jim Westby. Sandy Hamer reported that the treasury has $4,843.24 as of the month of July. She will be depositing $1700 that was collected for the dinner dance, but will be paid out to cover some of the expenses. The D.J. cost was $395.00. There were 95 tickets sold for the dinner dance.

Barbara Bartley reported that the menu for Christmas will be made available to her this week from catering. The golf party that Barbara and her assistant Pam Rogers had planned, has been postponed until October.

Loretta Halpin reported that we now have 231 paid members. There is a roster posted on the website.

Sue Jonas has not planned a tournament yet but plans to for the fall with Helmut's help.

The Compass booklet was all gone in two weeks–the first time ever and some reports were that it was because the pickleball courts were on the cover leading some to believe that realtors were using them for sales publicity.

Cal Meissen reported that training continues for new players but those coming out are mostly returnees. There are between 4-6 people coming each time. He has been encouraging them to sign up to play in the C ladder on Fridays. Training will continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1:00. Carl Lee questioned Cal about the necessity of starting a novice ladder. Cal thought not at this time.

Jerry reported that the Association (community standards committee) has received complaints about unleashed dogs at the courts causing an unsafe situation, that the flags, banners, posters and chairs are making an untidy appearance. Chris O'Keefe removed the flags and we were told to make sure that we didn't put up anything more. The chairs, sign up board and box for recycling should all be stored in the locker at closing time as well as when there is no one at the courts, including lunch hour.

With the above notice, Barry Cunningham has been working on acquiring a bulletin board with the help of Chris O'Keefe. The Board will look at pictures of possibilities after this meeting. More to be announced later. Barry also has been meeting with Chris with regard to the lighting problem. Chris has made an analysis of the lights and we were told that four additional poles will be installed and reflectors put on the lights. We are also looking at permanent seating and shade structure for the future.

Discussion was again held about seeking 3 additional courts. Carl Lee, Barry Cunningham and Chris O'Keefe spoke with J & S Construction about building out 2 or 3 courts. The consensus was that 2 courts would not be much cheaper then 3 courts because either way, the old court would have to be removed to prevent a "seam line" problem. Two courts would cost more than two-thirds of the cost of 3 courts. One-hundred and fifty thousand dollars was a rough estimate. Barry had hoped to present information to the Properties Committee but the President previous to July 29 ask Barry not to do so. July 29 was a deadline for this next year's budget. Further discussion was held about the subject and it was determined that we need a "plan" before approaching the Properties Committee. Sue Jonas moved, with Cal Meissen seconding the motion that Barry be the representative to make a presentation to the pickleball board for such plan. Barry wants a committee made up from the Board to help. Carl Lee and Sue Jonas volunteered. Mona Wheeler and Loretta Halpin moved and seconded the nomination of such committee.

A short discussion was held about the email received by the some of the board members from John Sproehnle, USAPA Pickleball Ambassador that Lincoln Hills participants are not cooperating and volunteering to referee in tournaments. We felt that we have been willing, at least those of us who know how. Cal suggested that perhaps we can take the opportunity to "teach" those willing to learn at the C Ladder on Fridays. He feels that is the best way to learn.

The evening hours at the courts have become very popular and we've had some difficulty with people not understanding how to sign up for the reserve one hour playing time. Carl Lee and Jerry are going to meet with Brandy to possibly changing the "peak hour time".

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Mona Wheeler, Secretary