BOARD MEETING January 11, 2012

Jerry Zimowske, President called the meeting to order at 2pm. Board members absent: Carl Lee, Cheryl Lane, Cal Meissen, Karen Lapossa The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written. Jerry introduced the new Board Members: Secretary, Sherrill Slotsve. Tournament Director, Helmut Koehne, Publicity Director, Sherry Mosby. Social Director, Cheryl Lane.

Starting this year the treasurer will keep separate ledgers for dues, supplies, misc., xmas party and tournaments. The savings account will be for the new courts fund.

Treasurer's Report:

Sandy reported the savings is $2600, which includes a donation from Andrea and Armando Mayorga of $100. The checking is $3099.00. There are currently 152 paid members, 6 of which are new.

Menu Board Rules:

Jerry proposed that the Menu Board be limited to pickleball topics only, limited to printed and typed pages , indicate the date, and approved by a board member. Helmut seconded and the resolution was passed by the board. A sign will be put in Board stating that fact. Mona mentioned she sent thank you to the dentist who provided money for the board.

Clubs Expo:

Jerry said we would need volunteers to man the Clubs Expo booth in March. Don Neumeier, Andrea Mayorga, John Sandys, Sherry Mosby volunteered. We would possibly raffle off a paddle, show video, etc. and display an article about Spring Tournament.

Spring Tournament Update:

Helmut said the dates of the spring tournament will be May 8, 9, 10. Currently the volunteers are Audrey for medals,and trophies, Announcer Bill MacCullough and JR Jackson. Referee, Paul Walz, The social committee, Cheryl Lane. Helmut presented a graphic design for the banner, which should be 15x6 and run around $125.00 to $150. The name for the tournament is "Wells Fargo Annual Pickleball Survivors". Wells Fargo will deliver lunch and handle t-shirts. A suggestion was made to try and include Mr. Pickle.
The pickleball club will supply donuts, water, coffee. Kathy Dillon will work on prizes with approximately a $1000 budget. Photography will be done byAndrea Mayorga. Bill and Sandy MacCullough, Roger & Karen Lapossa and Kathy Dillon will assist in other jobs if needed.
Helmut explained the tournament will be double elimination, 3 days. Winners to upper bracket, loser to lower, also a change of partners. More information will follow from Helmut on the setup and schedule. The goal is 100 participants and/or spectators; 3 courts from 8-4 each day.

Team Play Update:

Mona has posted all rules on the Board. Everyone must get their own sub. Everyone should get equal play except one woman will get an extra game. Courts one and 4 should be the ones used. There will be a form for players to keep track of # of times played, etc. Team play will be for 8 weeks, then re-evaluate for future play.

Lights will come on at 4:30 now.

Open Discussion:

Barry says a company will be interviewed for a consultant for evaluation of new courts. Barry suggested Alan Christensen. Cheryl Peterson suggested someone in Placerville and gave names to property chairman on the Lincoln Hills Board.. Main questions for evaluation is what is a reasonable time to wait from one game to next, what are projections for future play, i.e. hosting tournaments with other clubs.
Mona mentioned the singles club came with a list of participants that would like lessons from Cal.

It was suggested we have a potluck at the end of the last Team play week.

Meeting was adjourned by Jerry at 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrill Slotsve