Carl Lee, Vice President called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the President, Jerry Zimowske absent. Jim Westby was also not present.

Barbara Bartley made the social activities report with regard to the previous dinner/dance. She said 95 people attended and 96 tickets were sold. The DJ and Decorations (cost approximately $270) were paid by the club. She and Pam Rogers have decided to discontinue the monthly social at the yogurt shop due to poor attendance but said that we will still continue to get a 20% refund for all of the receipts turned in for the next several months and that those receipts should be turned into the mailbox at the courts. We made $503 for the previous 4 months from the yogurt shop. We made only $13 from the previous month of September. The balance left after decoration costs will be donated to Pals, approximately $150.00. The golf cart rally will also not take place. Barbara and Pam took an informal survey at the courts with regard to the Christmas party menu either a buffet or a sit down dinner. 39 people wanted the sit down dinner and 35 people voted for the buffet. The cost for both was $30 and because it was too close to call, the Board members decided to go with the sit down dinner after hearing the menuŠthe buffet being very similar to what we most likely would be eating for Thanksgiving. The Christmas party menu will be a pork loin. The cost of the DJ again will be $395.00. Barbara suggested that anyone who might be willing to donate to the raffle contact her or if anyone knows of merchants who would be willing to contribute to feel free to contact them. Carl suggested that Richard Holm might be a person to help/suggest help on this issue.

Sandy Hamer as treasurer reported there is $4117.15 in the treasury. We have 233 paid members, up from 228. Carl Lee gives the membership count to Brandy Garcia.

Cal Meissen reported that a few new/returning beginning players come every time-Wed. and Sat. He suggested that a court be reserved for Monday nights for those beginners. No vote was taken on this issue.

The night time play was discussed. Carole Palmoth and Barry Cunningham seems to think there is not a problem with reservation system but that rules need to be posted as to how to go about this. There are approximately 20-25 people who play at night.

Barry has been in contact with the dentist who had previously offered a donation for a message board so that these rules and other notifications can be posted. He is just waiting for the check from the dentist to proceed in the purchase of such message board. Sue Jonas, made a motion with Mona Wheeler seconding that motion that rules be posted. Barry Cunningham also reported that he had been told by Chris O'Keefe that 4 poles with additional lighting will be installed by October.

Sue Jones reported that the next tournament/tournaments will be held as follows: "C" level tournament will be held October 11 and 12 and the deadline for sign up will be September 27; "B" level will play Nov. 7 and 8, with sign up deadline Oct. 24; and "A" level will be held Dec. 7 and 8 with a deadline of Nov. 23. The cost will be $10.00. These tournaments will be double elimination/mixed doubles/ with a blind draw for partners. Each tournament level will be limited to the first 16 women and first 16 men who sign up. The sign up sheets will be at the courts and payment to be dropped into the mailbox in the locker. Make the checks payable to Lincoln Hills Pickleball. You must be a current paid member to participate.

Barry Cunningham and Chris O'Keefe have been meeting and discussion taking place as to getting quotes for additional pickleball courts. Barry plans on attending the next Properties Committee meeting on October 11 at 1:00 p.m. in the fine arts room of O.C. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend. Chris has received 2 quotes for Phase l which are: $190,000 and $150,000.00. We are going to request $210,000 so that permanent seating can be included. The cost of permits from the City of Lincoln is unknown at this point. Six weeks construction is anticipated.

We had two visitors who were not members attend the meeting. Tom Moran and Dan Fuller. Tom and his wife have been coming for instruction but Dan has not played.

Linda Brandelius has offered to be on the nominating committee for new officers that will be coming up next month.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m. by Carl Lee.

Respectfully submitted by, Secretary Mona Wheeler