Attending Board Members: Linda Brandelius, Mona Wheeler, Jerry Zimowske, Steve Dalaklis, Don Parent, Cal Meissen, Pinky Hordyk, Katy Dillon, David Rogers

Absent: Jim Westby

Others in Attendance: Carole Palmroth, John Masters, Bill MacCullough, Helmut Koehne

Webmaster: Mike Salli

Linda Brandelius, President called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m, April 13, 2010. Steve Dalakis made a motion that the minutes be approved as read and members of the board all approved.

Steve then read the treasurer's report for the first quarter. The savings start balance on January 1 was $2.00, checking start balance was $1328.65. With a dues deposit of $450 and tournament deposit of $260, expenses for such tournament of $106.21, on March 31, 2010, the balance in the treasury is $1932.44. Steve also reported that as required, he filed with the IRS a form for non-profit groups.

Pinky Hordyk, reported that we now have 153 paid members and 193 "friends". The "friends" list is an email list of those interested in pickleball but not a paid member.

Don Parent reported that the next tournament will be on June 11, 12 and 13. It will be a womens and mens doubles for age groups of 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. The September tournament will be held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th as a mixed doubles where we pick our own partners. There will be a social event held following this tournament. Dave Rogers will check to see if the tennis group is planning anything on those dates so as to not cause parking problems.

Jerry Zimowske reported that the expo went well but suggested that the next time we only have the booth between 11 and 1 o'clock.>

Mike Salli received tournament pictures from Jim Westby and has put them on the website.

Bill MacCullough asked Linda if she has spoken to Chris O'Keefe about the court lights. Linda is under the impression that she's to go through Brandy Garcia. Bill suggested that a letter be sent to Chris with a cc: to Bob Cooke.

Jerry continues to order balls from Brandy Garcia. Brandy will be only posting the first 3 court rules that the board has suggested. Bandy will also have court numbers made and installed. The Pickleball Board will be responsible for posting the others. Pinky is willing to look into a bulletin board for doing so.

Steve suggests we request or purchase a Pickleball banner similar to the tennis banner. We will have to get permission from the Properties Committee. If permitted, Pinky is willing to look into purchasing it. No one offered to approach the Properties Committee.

Linda has spoken to Chris O'Keefe about the resurfacing of courts 4 and 5. He is willing to hold off doing so until the presentation is made at 1:00 this date, April 13, by Frank Castellano to extend the 2 courts to legal size. The basketball hoop hopefully will still be able to remain but Steve suggested it be moved to the edge of the new courts, if approved.

Linda spoke to Brandy Garcia about having a first aid kit at the courts. Brandy is willing to do so but she requires that an accident report be made out each time we need to use it. We are anxious to have ice packs on hand but they are apparently quite expensive. Brandy said that they might not be within her budget to resupply. Steve then suggested that Brandy give us the "first" kit and then we would resupply from our treasury. The Board was in agreement.

Helmut put forth the idea of starting a pickleball team league, possibly with 3 men and 3 women to a team, in each bracket of ability. He suggested the teams play 5 games to 15. These games would be played during the scheduled ladder play. Comments from members would be appreciated.

It was suggested that emails be sent out more frequently, along with photos of tournaments.

Kathy Dillon and Don Parent will be sending to Linda emails about the May 5th potluck and tournament.

Mona suggested that we have an invitational to Johnson Ranch, Roseville and Meadow Vista people as a way of thanking them for the invitations extended to us during our construction process. Linda appointed Mona to take charge of this invitation.

Linda reported that 30 people showed up for the photo session on April 8. This was a last minute request by the photographer. We believe that the front cover on the Compass will be one of the pictures he has taken.

At the May Board meeting we will determine if a General Meeting needs to be held. The multi-purpose room on our regular meeting date (June 8) is not available.

Steve moved that the meeting be adjourned with a second from Pinky.

Respectfully submitted, Mona Wheeler