BOARD MEETING April 11, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 2pm by Jerry Zimowske. Board Members present were Jerry, Sherrill Slotsve, Helmut Koehne, Sherry Mosby, Cheryl Lane, Carl Lee, Cal Meissen, Loretta Halpin, Sandy Hamer

The minutes of the March meeting were approved by all board members.

Treasurers Report: Ck. acct. has $4262.04, Sav. acct. has $2600.23. Cheryl Lane has a check from the yogurt shop for $46.54.

Training Report: Per Cal, training was rained out this week.

Tournament Report: Helmut said theTournament going according to plan. However we need more signups. We are approximately 7 men and 7 women short of the 34 each needed for a complete bracket. Brackets will be adjusted to the final number of players signed up. Plus we need some subs. Helmut will be meeting with the Advisors tomorrow to update them. Audrey said 25 chairs are to be delivered for the tournament and 3 large tables. Lunch will be for Refs, helpers and players on the days they are playing.

Membership Report: 235 paid members. Mostly new people. The winners of the free membership drawing are: Ron Peck, Celeste Morris, Maggie McGurk and Anna Brennan.

Summer Ladder League schedule: After discussion regarding the summer hours for ladder league, Cheryl Lane made a motion to suspend women's ladder from June 1, to Sept 1. Sherry seconded. Approved by a majority of the board. The main reason was that the women's league runs three hours, which would go into the main heat of the day for those months.

Update on new courts: Barry Cunningham gave an update on the new courts. The association board will be meeting on the 26th at 9am and Barry felt all interested Pickleball members should attend.

General Comments: Frank felt we should discuss how to spend $7000 in our treasury. Andrea and Armando Mayorga donated business cards a sign and flyers to the club to have on hand for events or to give out to prospective members. The work was done by Priority Printing.

Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrill Slotsve