Pickleball (PB) Board Meeting

Aug 12, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Bill MacCullough. Members present Bill MacCullough, Helmut Koehne, Lin Filbin, Kathy Dillon, Steve Dalakis, Scott Sutherland, Mike Salli and guest Barbara Dalakis. Absent: Linda Brandelius, Marta Holm, Len Haubl. Minutes were taken and transcribed by Kathy Dillon in Marta's absence.

A motion was made by Steve to approve the revised minutes from the previous Board meeting. MSC.

Barbara gave a report on progress of parade/parade committee. She has a committee meeting on Aug 14th to meet and check on progress of her committee. She reports that there are 40 entries-450 people participating in the 10 year celebration. A committee meeting for LH club participant leaders is to be held on Aug. 28th, Pinky Hordyk will attend in Barbara's absence.

BOD- reports

Treasurers- no change with bank balance, remains $192.86. Steve reports that Golden West Bank is imposing a fee for minimum balance under $100.00. He will check into this to see if this applies to non-profits. A receipt for $24.66 was paid to Barbara Dalakis for parade supplies.

Social- Lin and Kathy met with catering at Meridians for the Holiday Party, Dec. 7th. We were given a contract for $24.99 per person for food (including tip and taxes). A save the date reminder will be sent out again to remind of date of holiday party. The upcoming 2nd anniversary party/BBQ/potluck date has around 50 people signed up so far. This event will be at the Sports pavilion Aug 22nd, 11-3.

Equipment- Scott- no sales reported due to the closure of the courts.

Tournaments- Helmut presented criteria for ranking players by skill level to categorize for future tournaments. The next tournament to be played Oct 28th-C, Oct 29th-B, Oct 30th-A players.

Courts- Linda absent- Special thanks go out to Linda for contacting Alan @ Johnson Ranch for daily guest play.

Bill reports that he is meeting weekly with a committee to discuss progress of new courts. There are incentives with the contractor to meet the completion in a timely manner and penalties incurred if construction is held up by them. The contractors plan to work on Saturdays. There guesstimate is end of August for completion with old courts available for play before then. There will be down days for safety reasons on certain construction days.

Web page- Mike reports website is up to date.

Subjects to be tabled: Code of Conduct, nomination/election committee and dues.

Next meeting- Sept. 9th 10 AM at Bill's home

Motion to adjourn the meeting (MSC)