Jerry Zimowske called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. The minutes were approved as written. Sandy Hamer reported that the checking account now has $4355.99, and the savings account $2.00.

Helmut Koehne reported on the request by Wells Fargo Advisors that we hold an annual tournament in which Well's Fargo Advisors will sponsor and pay for such tournament. Their request is that we have at lease 100 people attend and that we do much of the preparation and work to put on the tournament. Audrey Morse will be assisting Helmut in this endeavor. Rob Brunst is the representative from Wells Fargo Advisors. He has indicated that a lunch will be available, preferably a boxed lunch. He's also asking for a banner recognizing the donors. Hopefully this will be a money making opportunity for the pickleball club to add to the treasury. Details are to be worked out as to how the tournament will be run and the dates but suggested dates are May 15, 16 and 17, 2012. Helmut will be putting out a request for volunteers to run and organize the event. It was mentioned that we will open up this tournament to all residents, members of pickleball or not, however there will be a charge for playing.

The positions that Helmut needs filled, though might already be filled as of this writing are: An announcer, a referee coordinator, a graphic designer for the banner, publicity chairman who will have flyers printed as well as news articles written, photographer, raffle ticket chairman, lunch box chairman and someone for purchasing medals and trophy (to be placed in the Wave entrance).

Pam Rogers, along with Barbara Bartley requested that we make available the extra monies from the Christmas party as a donation to a yet to be named group. This request was denied but tabled for discussion for a future meeting. Jerry suggested to Pam and Barbara that they come up with a more concrete plan to be presented and voted on at a General Meeting.

Sherry Mosby reported that 48 women are now enrolled in the all women's ladder play that takes place on Monday. Because of the large group, she would like to start at 12:00 and use all 3 courts. No vote was taken on this issue.

Respectfully submitted by,

Mona Wheeler