Board members present: Linda Brandelius, Mona Wheeler, Pinky Hordyk, Cal Meissen, Jerry Zimowske

Webmaster: Mike Salli

Not present: Don Parent, Kathy Dillon, David Rogers, Steve Dalakis, and Jim Westby

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President Linda Brandelius in the OC multipurpose room. The minutes of the January 12, 2010 meeting were approved with 2 corrections: change the time of meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and Pinky's correction of statement that "we try links" to other websites. This correction is: "In an attempt to get our members to go to our website for their information, I would suggest that when we send information to them we should not send the actual document to them, but instead put a link in the email to that document on the website. This would get the people to our website and possibly make them more aware of what's there and might train them to go there for all of their information."

Mona Wheeler gave the Treasurer's report. We have $1438.65 in checking and savings account.

We currently have 111 paid up members, 16 of those paid up members are new. Pinky will be collecting all membership applications and dues and will be responsible for maintaining the membership list. She will be sending out, on an intermittent basis, the most current roster list to all paid members.

A discussion was held as to who would be eligible to attend parties, participate in tournaments, and ladder play. It was decided by vote to make only those paid members be eligible to play in tournaments and ladder play. For those who attend Pickleball parties, which normally are paid by those attending, there will not be an additional charge for a spouse or one guest.

Dave Rogers is following up on the possibility of Sutter Health to sponsor a pickleball tournament. Mark Miller of Sutter Health reports their participation would have to be after August.

Joann Hilton is willing to look into incorporating an event to support a charitable health organization.

Linda spoke with Brandy Garcia about Basketball courts and the priority of use. The use of either pickleball players or basketball is on first come basis.

Etiquette rules: The board will obtain a copy of the tennis club rules and will then decide what rules to establish for the pickleball club.

Linda stated that the nets and posts on courts 4-5 were changed so that they are now adjustable. The screws on the drains have been tightened.

A new sign-up board was installed.

Brandy Garcia is to talk again to Chris O'Keefe regarding the middle fence safety coverings and drainage covers. Linda will check back with Brandy in 1 weeks time as to progress and will report to Bob Cook if progress is not being followed up on.

Jerry is to contact Judy Hogan with regards to the group expo.

Cal Meissen suggested that we discontinue training on Saturdays at least temporarily. This was met with approval from the Board. Training will continue on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A discussion was held about clarifying the Liability Release Waiver, which some members did not want to sign. Linda Brandelius and Pinky will check with Jeannine Balcombe to discuss the legal issues of signing this form.

Another discussion of importance was brought up about the scheduling the use of courts at separate times for A, B and C players. This court use was suggested by a subcommittee established by the Board. The present Board after a great discussion decided to establish the new Court Schedule. It was approved by the Board. The Board postponed the vote until the March Board Meeting, as there was not a quorum present.

Mike Salli said he is willing to teach a lesson on the use of computer for Pinky, Linda, Mona and Jim. This training will be scheduled in the near future. Pinky had suggested that there be a link on Website to the newsletter and minutes. Mike said that might be a problem but is willing to try. He says the PDF format is the most useful. At present it was decided that the rough draft of minutes should be sent to the Board for review/corrections and then Linda will send to Mike for publication on the website.

The contact list for email will be handled by Jim Westby and Mike Salli.

Cal Meissen moved to adjoin the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Mona Wheeler