Board Members that were present: Jerry Zimowske, Mona Wheeler, Sandy Hamer, Pinky Hordyk, Cal Meissen, Barb Bartley and Sue Jonas

Jerry Zimowske, President called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Pinky moved that the minutes from the last board meeting be approved with Jerry seconding the motion. All were approved by vote.

Sandy gave a treasurer's report: beginning balance as of 1/1/2011 was $2905.74, deposit of $1145.00 for membership dues, check written to Pinky for the purchase of mailbox was $54.09 leaving a balance of $3996.65. The savings account balance (as required by the bank) is $2.00.

Barb reported on the fund raiser at Yogurt Delight will be good from February through May. We are to turn in monthly any receipts from purchases and will be given a 20% return on such receipts.

Pinky after reviewing the By Laws with a committee, realized that we had charged the whole membership fee of $10 to those people who joined late in the year. The board voted not to make her refund those few who had over paid. Jerry will check on with the CCOC.

Jerry presented an idea about a computer membership data base which would require a website at a cost of approximately $60.00. This idea was proposed from Bob Harpin for the purpose of making it easy for members only to have access to other members' email addresses and phone numbers. The present website that is maintained by Pinky and Mike Salli can't handle this program. It would require a password to be used and non-members would not have access. Pinky thought it would be a great idea because at the present time she frequently has to send out an updated membership list to everyone. This way everyone would have access to an updated list without her having to do so. Sue moved, and Pinky seconded the motion. It was voted on by the board and passed.

Jerry also presented the idea with a show of chart that we as members could volunteer to take a 'head count' of those playing tennis and pickleball by time of day. The purpose being to determine if we have cause to request more pickleball courts be built. We also need to get on the list with the Board of Directors for that possibility. He will also have to address the court reservation system with the CCOC after having previously met with Brandy Gracia and Bob Cooke.

Cal Meissen reported that more people are showing up for training. He suggested that we purchase more paddles for the beginners as nearly all the good paddles have not been returned to the cabinet. No action was taken on this suggestion.

A discussion was had about using the fourth court in permanent rotation as it seems to be in playable condition now that maintenance has been clearing off the excess sand. Board approved'

this idea and Jerry will put out an email declaring this. Anyone who is not willing to play on the court will be replaced by the next person on the list, or someone offering to step in..

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Mona Wheeler, Secretary