Pickleball (PB) Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2008

The meeting was held on January 24, 2008 at 5:00 pm in the theater at the Kilaga Lodge.

Bill MacCullough called the meeting to order. Previous meeting minutes were approved.

Aileen Niver and Katie Didion reported on social events. We are able to reserve the Sports Pavilion or any party room at either lodge. A deposit will be required. Aileen and Katie are planning barbeques, ice cream socials, holiday parties and any events that members might be interested in. Membership dues were discussed and consensus was to keep it simple and simply "pass the hat" when funds are needed.

Helmut Koehne presented several types of tournament play. Voted-upon results will be published at the next meeting. Helmut also designed several logo designs for t-shirts. Members would also like ball caps and sun visors.

Richard Holm asked for more volunteers to set up courts. They simply need to check out the key at the Wave. If equipment is too heavy for one person, someone will eventually show up at the court to help set up. The key will have to be returned to the Wave at the end of the day.

Linda Brandelius announced that training will be available between 12:00 - 2:00 pm on play days for newcomers. The "Welcome to Pickleball" flyers that Steve Dalaklis created will be available at the courts to handout to newcomers.

Mike Salli displayed our official website. He would like more pictures of PB players or events for the website.

Bill MacCullough reminded everyone about the use of appropriate language on the court.

February 20, 2008 will mark the end of the six-month pilot program for PB. Bill will give a report to the Sports Advisory Committee (SAC) at their next meeting, February 7, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. in the Orchard's Heights Room. Please attend the meeting to show your support.

Marty Rubin recommended that we ask the SAC to expand the existing courts. If we ask for new courts at another site the funds would not be submitted for approval until 2009. The plan is to ask that the basketball key be moved, add more concrete to expand the courts and move the bench. With the loss of the two big trees that we lost in the last storm we have no shade. We will at least need two canopies to protect us from the hot sun in the summer as we're waiting for an available court. Parking is also an issue and this will need to be resolved. Someone asked if they could also provide short nets between the courts to prevent balls from going into other courts. We need a strong force at this meeting so please try to attend. We know that funds were readily available to update the bocce courts so that must be a good indicator that there could be funds for PB.

Scott Sutherland has paddles for sale. He will have them available on game days.

Marta Holm will update the PB roster and send it to all members.

Our next meeting will be either February 28, or February 27, depending on availability of a meeting room. After the March meeting we will decide if we need to continue meeting monthly or every other month.

(Minutes transcribed by Marta Holm)