Members Present: Linda Brandelius, Jerry Zimowske, Mona Wheeler, Steve Dalaklis, Pinky Hordyk, Jim Westby, Cal Meissen, David Rogers

Webmaster: Mike Salli

Not Present: Don Parent and Kathy Dillon

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by President Linda Brandelius

Meeting was held in the OC Multi-purpose Room

Minutes of General Meeting on December 7, 2009 were approved.

Steve gave the Treasurer report: Amount in account is $1,335 . He submitted his Financial Report for S.C.L.H. for the period of June - Dec. 2009. The three board members to be approved for check signature are Steve, Mona and Linda.

Number of paid members of the Pickleball Club so far is 111.

Pinky will take over the Membership duties from Steve and will keep the list up to date. She will send it out to the paid membership list on a quarterly basis or as needed.

There was some discussion regarding the "Waiver of Liability" which we all signed when joining the Pickleball Club. It was suggested that we meet with Jeannine Balcombe to talk about the waiver and what it means. Linda will contact Jeannine and set up a meeting.

Mike Salli has a list of former members who have not paid dues, named "Friends of Pickleball". He will send out an e-mail to these members reminding them of the opportunity to join the Pickleball Club and will include the Membership Form.

After some discussion, there was a motion and a second to charge the Club member and their guest the same price for events. If a resident wants to participate in the tournaments, they must be a member.

Linda presented the four proposed dates for the pickleball tournaments for the year. There were March 24-25-26, June 23-24-25, Anniversary Tournament, Sept. 22-23-24, and Fall Tournament, Nov. 17-18-19. Following some discussion, it was decided to refer these questions back to Don for clarification (1) Verify that these dates don't conflict with any tennis tournament, (2) Could the June tournament be a night tournament? (3) Could one or more of the tournaments be on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday? (4) Could we have a tournament on a Saturday to accommodate working people? (5) Could one tournament be an invitational tournament and invite people from other clubs? (6) Could one tournament have men only and one have women only? Linda will contact Don by e-mail regarding discussion of ideas.

Jim has submitted his article for the Compass and will submit an article for the Sun City Senior News. It was noted that the Compass likes pictures submitted for publication. Jim will work with Don to publicize the tournaments.

Cal is continuing his introduction to pickleball sessions. A motion was made and seconded to provide training on Wednesdays only from 11:00 - 1:00 PM. These hours will be reviewed on a month to month basis. These sessions should be for brand new players only. Mike will note the change on our website.

Mike stated that the website is up to date. The designated Board Members using the distribution list will be Mona, Pinky, Jim, Linda and Mike. Mike will put the minutes of the Board Meeting on the website. Pinky suggested that we try "links" to other websites. Mike will try this to see how it will work. He stated that we should use PDF format correspondence. Mike will set up a meeting date for this training. Linda may be writing a monthly newsletter to the general membership if there is a need.

Dave volunteered to follow-up on the offer of Sutter Roseville to sponsor a tournament for the Pickleball Club.

Linda completed the Group Contact Information sheet for S.C L. H. She asked if anyone was interested in heading up the Group Expo. We had four volunteers to help with this; Jerry, Dave Rogers, and Dave Connors. It was suggested that we ask Kathy Dillon to head this group. Linda will contact Kathy regarding this.

Linda suggested contacting Bob Cook and Chris O'Keefe by letter addressing courts 4-5 net repair, installation of padding on top of fencing for courts 1-2-3, second bank of lights for courts, installation of outlet near lights, shade covering and the magnetic board. Linda will write the letter and set up a meeting with Bob Cook and Chris O'Keefe.

The Board requested information from the committee which was formed at the General Meeting to make suggestions for "court play" and "court rules". Linda will contact Audrey for a copy of the suggestions the committee made. The Board will be addressing the issue of"“the next phase of three new courts". A proposal from the Board will be presented this year to the Properties Committee to "Get the Ball Rolling".

Meeting Adjourned at 11: 40 AM.