BOARD MEETING January 9, 2013

I. Call to Order 2:01
Board Members Present: Cal Meissen, Glenise Cunningham, Sherry Mosby, Cheryl Lane, Sherrill Slotsve, Scott Sutherland, Bill McCullough. QUORUM established.

II. Approval of November Minutes: Glenise made motion to approve the Nov. minutes, BILL seconded, minutes approved by Board.


Treasurer: Savings = $7001.20, Checking = $1884.67 Social: Cheryl said there were 130 attendees at the Christmas party at $34.00ea= $4420. minus DJ $395, and decorations $195. Total expenses $4298.07 leaving $121.93 to Club.
Next Christmas party booked for Dec 4th 2013.
Possible summer party suggested.

Publicity: Sherry: Let Sherry know if you have any articles to put in the Compass before the first of the month.

Training: Cal said No new people last couple of weeks. Wants to eliminate Wednesday training and just have it on Saturday.

Vice Pres: Bill: E-mails sent from Club, should be controlled.

President: Scott thanked previous board members.
By-Law changes sent to the CCOC were not approved by CCOC. They recommended further amendments to the existing By-laws. Changes need to be in by the 1st of the month, then Jeannine Balcombe reviews them and submits to the CCOC.
Properties committee: New plans due on 15th, then Club will be able to review. Helmut: Ladder players 229, 149 active.

Agenda Items
III. Unfinished Business:

A. Suggestion Box: Payments and Suggestions in current box Cal motion, Cheryl seconded, motion passed. Search for second box was recommended.

IV. New Business

A. By-Laws Review: Scott thinks we need full revision. A committee consisting of Bill, Glenise and three members will be formed. Possible changes: terms of board members, elections membership, voting, quorum limits, quorum. Association will review and then membership will vote. Bill will pick committee members.
B. Board Positions: Scott would like to see a tournament director added to Board and Membership also reinstated. Glenise made motion to reinstate the Tournament and Membership positions to the Board. Seconded and passed.
C. New Court Liaison: Bill and Scott met with properties, and requested that Pete Savoia keep us in the loop.
D. Court Hours vs. Ladder Play: Novice ladder has started on Wed. Morning hours are under association time. Those playing should be sensitive to all players. Sign up when you start not when the next people arrive. Court one designated as open play. This item was tabled for next meeting
E. Broken balls and cold weather: Glenise concerned over breakage due to cold weather, at $2/ball it is getting expensive. Leave open for suggestions. We currently have enough funds to cover broken balls.
F. Storage room lock: Cheryl having trouble with lock, has been replaced but need larger numbers. Scott will get new lock
G. Future Projects/Budget Planning: Scott would like to consider forming budget committee. Possible item would be Ball machine.

Open Forum

Three minutes per member:
Mona: Found gum on courts. No gum on courts.
Frank: Consider wellness position, to report on sick, injured members.
Loretta: emails sent are not signed, please read e-mails and please respond to proper person, not general g-mail account.
Barb: Board meeting should be sent by e-mail and court changes also.
Sue: Broken balls, dues increased to cover more balls. Per bylaws e-mails To all members should be sent by Board members only

Next Meeting: Wed. February 13th
Meeting Adjourned 3:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by,
Sherrill Slotsve