The meeting was held on July 31, 2008 at 4:00 pm in the Heights Room at the Orchard Creek Lodge.

Bill MacCullough called the meeting to order and the previous meeting minutes were approved.

Marta Holm - announced that orange cards are available for new members to write their name, phone number and email address on so that they can be added to the email distribution and roster. The cards are in the blue box with the equipment at the PB court.

Richard Holm - court set up schedule for August is complete. Volunteers are still needed to complete the month of September. If volunteers can't fulfill their duty for all 4 days of the month, volunteering for one or two days is helpful. Richard also announced that he is resigning from his position on the board. Steve Dalaklis has accepted the offer to resume the responsibility as Court Manager.

Aileen Niver - Aileen and Lin Filbin are planning the PB Christmas party. It will be held at Kilaga Springs on December 10th. Tickets will be $25.00. They are also planning an Ice Cream social.

Linda Brandelius - The new shirts are in. Linda announced that 130 people were trained in a short time. The noon training sessions will no longer be available. Linda thanked all those who volunteered their time to train new members. New members will now be worked in for training as they arrive at the courts and not be scheduled for training as before. Some current members are requesting advanced training. We should see if someone like Alan or Lorraine Christensen is available to give lessons.

Helmut Koehne - Ladder play has been expanded to include A, B, C levels. If you would like to be added to the ladder play, find a partner, contact Helmut, schedule a challenge play and give Helmut the final score. The tournament sign-up is full. The format will be announced the morning of the tournament. Only first place awards will be given. The tournament will begin at 8:00 a.m. on August 19th.

Mike Salli - the website is updated. Mike inserted a link to the Good Morning America episode on Pickleball.

Scott Sutherland – complimented Kelly for providing the new white board for game play.

Katie Didion - the 1st-anniversary luncheon is scheduled for August 20th at 12:00 p.m. sharp. The cost is $9.00 per person and the deadline to sign up is August 15th. Leave your checks made out to Katie with anyone on the PB court.

Bill MacCullough - The Good Morning America filming process was a fun experience.

Bill welcomed Len and LaVerne back. It's good to see Len recovering so well and hope to see him back on the courts soon.

Finance and Property approved the Engineering contract for the new court drawing/concept. The plan is for four new courts to be laid out with lights and appropriate amenities and seating arrangements. Bill is hoping the designers will talk to PB members to see what amenities we would like such as a 4-foot fence between courts. A member asked about the possibility of a covered sunshade over the courts. The two existing temporary courts will remain as overflow so we possibly could have six courts. Chris O'Keefe told Bill about a possible netting system but didn't go into details with Bill.

Only 4-5 members have had somewhat current training in CPR. Bill would like to see more members trained and certified to use the defibrillator. CPR classes are frequently offered at Lincoln Hills. Dates and times are published in the Compass.

The Lincoln Hills Group Expo will be held on September 26th. Bill asked if members were interested in participating in this event. The following members volunteered to spend time at the PB table to answer any questions regarding PB and how it's played:

Lyle Fay, Len and LaVerne Haubl, Marty Rubin, Marta Holm, Aileen Niver, Katie Didion, Pinky and Dennis Hordyk and David Conner. Katie volunteered to take the lead and coordinate the PB table schedule.

Bill opened up the meeting for questions:

Is it still necessary to sign in when we play PB? Yes, the Association is still looking at the daily numbers of players. Also, Bill reminded us we are signing a waiver when we sign in. In the future, we'll sign a once-a-year waiver.

Will there be a Johnson Ranch challenge? Yes, it is still being planned along with possibly challenging a Meadow Vista group.

When we get our new courts we should schedule a big celebration and challenge.

Will the broken sunshade be replaced? Yes, the Association is aware that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

We should think of some names for our new "stadium."

Audrey reminded everyone that there will be a big tennis tournament this coming Saturday along with a huge event at the Sports Pavilion. No parking will be available in the Pavilion parking lot.

The next meeting will be held after we hear what the Engineering study results are.

Meeting was adjourned.

(Minutes transcribed by Marta Holm)