The meeting was called to order by Bill MacCullough. Members present: Bill MacCullough, Helmut Koehne, Linda Brandelius, Lin Filbin, Kathy Dillon, Steve Dalaklis, Marta Holm, Mike Salli, and guest, Barbara Dalaklis. Absent: Scott Sutherland and Len Haubl.

A motion was made by Linda to approve the revised minutes from the previous Board meeting. The motion was moved, seconded and carried (MSC).

Barbara gave a report on the preparations for the 10-year anniversary parade. Mr. Pickle mascot will participate, a banner is being made and players are encouraged to join in the walk. Estimated expenses will be no more than $50.00.

Linda proposed that we discontinue the PB demos on Saturdays for the months of August and September. All agreed that due to the construction of the new PB courts, designated times for new players on Fridays and the introduction to PB on Saturdays will be suspended until further notice. The motion was moved, seconded and carried (MSC). Marta will include this notice in the Compass.

We discussed the SCLH Board's decision not to provide tennis court #11 for our temporary use. It was cited that it is not cost effective to set up temporary courts for a three-week period, according to the contractor's estimate of unavailable court time. The PB Board adamantly disagreed with this decision. Lin made a motion that tennis court #11 be converted to two courts during the construction period when our courts are unavailable. The motion was moved, seconded and carried (MSC).

As a fallback to Lin's motion, Linda made a motion to mitigate costs by using court #11 in the interim for the three weeks +/-, and simply use tape to create one temporary court using the existing tennis net. The motion was moved, seconded and carried (MSC). Bill will contact Chris and let him know that the PB Board does not agree with the SCLH Board's decision and will propose both of these motions. Bill also recommended that the PB Board members attend the SCLH Board meeting tomorrow morning and if given the opportunity voice our opinion.

We discussed the Code of Conduct that Frank Castellanos drafted. The Board agreed that the conduct of some players is inappropriate. Each PB Board member will review the draft document and bring suggestions for revision to the next Board meeting. Once the document is finalized, it will be incorporated into the Bylaws. A copy of the Code of Conduct will be posted at the courts.

Kathy reserved the Sports Pavilion on August 22. We will celebrate our second PB anniversary with a barrel chicken barbeque. Guests will be asked to bring either a salad or dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage of their choice. December 7th is the date for our Christmas party. The Orchard ballroom has been reserved. A rock and roll band will provide music. Kathy and Lin will meet with the Meridian caterers today to discuss the menu and costs.

Marta asked when the new Board election process will start. The process will begin in September.

Mike has updated the website.

Steve reported we have $190.86 in our bank account. He also submitted the required report to the Community Association.

Helmut sold some paddles and balls in Scott's absence. We have had some activity with Ladder Play. He will promote it further after the new courts are completed. Helmut will recruit for volunteers to play during the 10-year anniversary PB demo September 12-15th. The Board agreed to have a tournament on October 28-30. It will be levels A, B, C, double elimination, blind draw and 8 teams at each level. Players will sign up and choose what level they want to compete in. There will be a $5.00 non-refundable fee due at sign-up. Lin volunteered to collect the fee.

Bill updated the Board on the new court activity in addition to what was already discussed. Peter Gilbert wants a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new courts. The SCLH association donated a PB set up at the old firehouse building in town at 391 H Street for the PAL (Police Athletic League) group. Chris O'Keefe set up the small court outside adjacent to the building. Bill encouraged all PB Board members to attend the PB demo on Friday, July 24 at 3:00 PM at the site.

The next meeting will be held at Kathy's home on August 12, at 10:00 AM.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting (MSC).