All Board Members present with the exception of David Rogers and Kathy Dillon.

Jerry Zimowske, Vice President called the meeting to order because Linda Brandelius would be late. Cal Meissen moved that the minutes be approved. Steve Dalaklis seconded Cal's motion.

Steve presented the treasurer's report: checking and savings balance is $2428.26. The receipts were $587.36, expenses of Kathy Dillon for the tournament was $353.62 with outstanding expenses from Sue Jonas yet to be reported. Membership dues were $110.00. Steve also reported that it is not necessary to do the 990 Report (CCOC) to the government because the Lincoln Hills Association does it. With Steve's absence from the community during some portion of Aug. and Sept., he will be giving the check book to Linda.

Old Business:

Linda reported the conversation with Chris O'Keefe that the brackets for the sun shades have been received but the awning has not been received. Chris will talk with DonĂ¢ Awnings in the next 10 days if he hasn't received them from the company in Kansas who apparently sent the wrong size and color the last time. Linda said she would talk with Bob Cooke if this doesn't happen.

Brandy Garcia reported to Linda that she will purchase a first aid kit for the court locker.

Jim Westby asked for ideas for articles to be printed in the Compass and Sun City Newsletter.

Pinky Hordyk reported our membership has grown to 186 members.

A discussion was had about people claiming that they aren't receiving emails. Mike Salli explained that it is possible that some programs send our emails to SPAM and that members will need to look there and that they need to add the "gmail" address to their address book.

New Business:

Sue Jonas reported that she plans for the next tournament sometime in late October.

Helmut Koehne and Jerry Zimowske have come up with a new idea for league play. The name of this is Lincoln Hills Pickleball Ladder League. It is very complicated and details will be worked out depending on the number of people who sign up and on the Board's approval. But basically it will be individuals playing against all others and it will end up with rankings of players. This is a computer generated program by the U. S. Pickleball Association. The program picks the 4 people who play a round robin amongst themselves and then reports their scores. All scores will be entered into the program, hence the ratings. Games to be played to the score of 15. The program is kept for 10 weeks and new people can be added at anytime.

Helmut and Jerry also presented a court reservation system that includes a skill level time for play. Helmut is to form a committee of 5 to work on his proposal. Pinky made a motion and Steve seconded the motion for Helmut to form such committee. Steve also suggested that the league be limited to 60 members. Jerry's proposal for the Monday through Friday court schedule and reservation system should be posted on the website. The board will meet and determine if any or all of this should be tried.

Linda will send out a notice to all members that they are welcome to come to all Board Meetings. Steve Dalaklis thinks we need an open forum at the end of meetings so that we can cover the agenda. Marty Rubin explained that during discussions of any subject, members are eligible to speak, but only on that subject.

The meeting was adjourned by Linda Brandelius.

Respectfully submitted by,

Mona Wheeler