BOARD MEETING June 13, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 2pm by Jerry Zimowske. Board Members present were Jerry, Sherrill Slotsve, Helmut Koehne, Carl Lee, Cal Meissen, Loretta Halpin, Sandy Hamer The minutes of the March meeting were approved by all board members.

Treasurers Report: Checking account has a balance of $5071.96. Savings account has a balance of $2600.45

Training Report: No report this month.

Tournament Report: Helmut said the Wells Fargo Advisor tournament was enjoyed by all, and the advisors are planning for next year.

Membership Report: We now have 254 paid members, averging 6-7 new members each month. We have now surpassed the total of last year with 6 months to go.

Agenda Items:

Change the Prime time summer hours: It was suggested by Carl Lee to move the prime time play from 8-12 to 9-1pm. It would give an extra morning hour for reserved court play. After some discussion a motion was made to not change prime time, it was seconded and passed.

Split the C ladder into 2 ladders: A discussion was had on the ever growing C ladder. The problem is that it has gotten very large and using only 2 courts it takes hours to complete the ladder. Also, there are continuously new novice players signing up. This has caused a large diversity in the skill level. Loretta made a motion to split the C ladder by skill level and have the new ladder play on Wednesdays. This was seconded by Carl and passed by the board.

Magnetic photo Board: Loretta led the discussion on this. It was noted that the photo magnets are hard to see and that they may be intimidating to new players signing up. After much discussion a monition was made to eliminate the use of these and return to people writing their names on the sign up board. The motion was seconded and then passed by a vote of the board.

New courts: The association has approved the expense of hiring an architect to update the existing plans. Chris is working on a lighting plan and after this is resolved, the architect will begin working on the plans.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrill Slotsve