The General Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. in Presentation Hall at Kilaga Springs by President Linda Brandelius. All the board members were present with the exception of Steve Dalaklis, Treasurer. Because Steve wasn't present, Linda gave the treasurer's report. The balance in the checking account is $1330.65, expenses $246.13, revenue $910 of which $510 came from the collection for the tournament.

There was an incident at the court wherein the canopy and 2 umbrellas flew into the street and golf course that Mona Wheeler reported. Linda wrote a very cute poem about it that will hopefully be printed in the Sun City Newspaper that is mailed to every household.

Jerry Zimowske reported that 24 people had signed up for Alan Christensen's clinic to be held on Friday, June 11. The clinic will begin at 8:30 and over at 10:00. Jerry will send out a verification to all those who have signed up.

Pinky Hordyk reported that we have 182 paid members and 275 "friends" on our email list.

Cal Meissen has changed the training on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 instead of 11:00-1:00 with the hope that those trainees will continue to play on their own from 12:00 to l:00.

Kathy Dillon reported that all 48 players in the tournament had signed up for lunch and 14 others who aren't scheduled to play, will join for lunch on June 9 at the Sports Pavilion. There will be limited snacks and if anyone should wish to donate, fruit would be appreciated. Safeway did donate 2 cases of water. Bottles and cans will be collected for recycling.

Jim Westby requests any suggestions from members for articles for the Compass. There is limited space so he didn't think he would be able to print Linda’s poem.

Because of Don Parent's resignation as tournament director, there is an opening for that position on the board. Sue Jonas and Helmut Koehne has taken charge of the tournament scheduled for June 9. Sue Jonas explained the rules for the "Scramble". Play will start at 9:00 using all three courts. Everyone plays six games. At some time there will be a break for lunch and will resume play afterwards. Players will remain on the court after their game is complete until all 3 courts are finished at which time Helmut will record winners and loosers. The winners will split up, move to another court, the loosers will split and change teammates also. The games will be played to 11 but doesn't have to be won by 2 points as in regular play. Marta Holm suggested that spectators and others should not comment or interrupt the players on the court.

The Rules of Conduct were read by Linda and will be posted at the courts this date. Kathy Dillon spoke about someone who experienced negative comments by a player and expressed disappointment with such behavior. We should all be aware that such behavior is not in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Frank Castellano reported that the defibulator was missing from the Sports Pavilion. He reported it to Bob Cooke and to the tennis club president about replacing it. Frank feels that it needs to be locked in our cabinet when replaced. This will be determined at a later date but if it is, then we as pickleball players MUST remember to lock the cabinet when the last player leaves the courts. Since the locker has the same combination as the tennis courts most of both groups know the combination.

Helmut reported on the New League Play rules. They are:

1. Two men and two women on a team.

2. All PAID members are eligible to play.

3. This is for competitive players.

4. There will be a referee for each match. The matches will be, men, women and 2 mixed doubles games, games will be to 15 points.

5. Teams will be predetermined by the captain before games are started and will be reported as such to the referee.

Helmut thought the season would be approximately 6 weeks. The starting dates and times to be determined after teams are selected. He has named a selection committee of 10 who will "rate" the players' ability, then will take the top 5 best men as temporary captains. The remaining names will be drawn from a hat for the rest of team members. There will be 2 divisions because of the number of people who have signed up to play.

The illegal serve issue has caused another discussion among players and Linda asks for suggestions and solutions to the problem - not just complaints. Aileen suggested Cal teach the proper technique. He has done so in his training but it appears it's not the new players who are doing the serve incorrectly. No solution was proposed.

David Rogers reported that Carolan Properties has donated $200 to the Group and has given him a banner to be hung during tournament play. The banner that Barbara Dalaklis made for the parade will be hung on the courts also. The Board at one time was considering a larger Pickleball banner but Dave Connor suggested holding off on this for awhile because the Board of Directors of Sun City is going to be passing on rules for banners at the Properties Committee meeting this date.

Linda reported that at the Properties Committee meeting on June 9, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. that the proposal for resurfacing courts 4 and 5 will be on the Agenda. At the same time, a request for a gate will be proposed as in Frank's drawing. Linda also said the light structures have been postponed for 2 years. At present, we are to remember that courts 4 and 5 are to be shared with basketball players on a first come basis.

The Meadow Vista tournament tentative dates are September 18 and 19.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:30 with a reminder that the next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at Orchard Creek Multipurpose Room with any member invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted by

Mona Wheeler