Board members Lin Filbin, Frank Castellano and Len Hauble were absent.

The meeting was held on March 24, at 1:00 pm in the Oak Room at the Orchard Creek Lodge.

Bill MacCullough called the meeting to order and the previous meeting minutes were approved.

Helmut Koehne - our first tournament of the year is this week. He still needs one sub. Referees will use score cards and call illegal serves, foot faults and kitchen play.

Scott Sutherland - anyone interested in purchasing new paddles please refer to Scott. The six paddles that were in the PB cabinet at the Sports Pavilion are missing. Anyone wanting to play PB and in need of a paddle will have to check out the key at the Wave and get the wooden paddles that are locked in the closet at the Sports Pavilion.

Linda Brandelius - Someone keeps posting a copy of our roster in the PB cabinet. Please don't post it because of the sensitivity of email addresses listed on the document. Linda cleaned out the closet and noticed that only one sun canopy is in there. Bill will check with Chris to see if the other was removed to have it repaired.

Beginners Play will start Saturday, April 18, 2009 on one court. This is not a lesson but a demonstration of how PB is played dedicated to beginners. Volunteers are needed to show up on any Saturday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. to demo the game. A schedule will be posted in the PB cabinet if any seasoned players are interested in volunteering. Please remember to check out the key at the Wave to access the closet and bring out the wooden paddles.

We will try Rotation Play on a trial basis for one month. It will be played on the back court on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. beginning Thursday, April 2nd. Four people will play; two winners will stay on the court and split sides. Winners can only play two games. This is to help players become more competitive and not for "good" players only to play. The PB board will evaluate Rotation Play at the end of April.

Steve Dalaklis - is in the process of obtaining a cabinet and key for our equipment. (See below regarding Treasurer.)

Mike Salli - the website is updated. Christmas party pictures are now on the website. The Ladder Play standings are also on the website.

Marta Holm - please give her the names, email addresses and phone numbers of new members so that she can include them in the email distributions and the PB roster.

Bill MacCullough - Aileen Niver resigned as the lead Social Chair. Lin Filbin will continue as co-chair but due to her schedule she cannot take on the lead. Marta nominated Kathy Dillon, a motion was made to approve the nomination and a second motion was made. Kathy agreed to take on the role as lead Social Chair. Kathy Adams, Sue Jonas and Pinky Hordyk volunteered to help with any social activities. Snacks will be available on the first day of the tournament.

Scott Sutherland, Steve Dalaklis and Mike Salli established the PB Bylaws. The PB Board made many changes to the document and presented it to the PB group members at today's meeting as a final document. Mike Salli made a motion to approve the document and Steve Dalaklis made the second motion. David Conner made a motion to have the PB Board finalize any future revisions.

As the new Treasurer, Steve Dalaklis visited several banks to inquire about an account for the PB group. Now that the Bylaws are finalized he will be able to open an account. Steve made the motion to have Bill, Steve and Marta as signatories on the account and all present agreed. If anyone needs to be reimbursed for any PB group-related expenses please submit your receipt to Steve.

Bill, Aileen Niver and Audrey Morse are now certified for AED/CPR. Bill thanked them for attending the class. They will be reimbursed the $35.00 registration fee. Len Haubl, MaryAnne Turner, and Manuel Pick are also AED certified.

In Frank Castellano’s absence, Bill updated everyone on the new court status. The Lincoln Hills Board of Directors (BOD) met with the Property Committee to develop information on various potential sites for new courts. The BOD will meet again to go over the findings. Bill inquired about resurfacing our current courts. It can't be done because they would have to re-ground (or re-grind??) the surface. All Sun City Lincoln Hills (SCLH) projects are now prioritized. David Conner will invite the BOD to come out and watch our tournament this week.

Bill asked if group members wanted to participate in the SCLH 10-year anniversary celebration and maybe give a PB demo. We need to let the anniversary committee know by July 13th if we are interested. Helmut will organize the PB demo. Marta volunteered to organize something for the PB table at the Fun Fair. Barbara Dalaklis will inform us on parade activities.

Bill opened up the meeting for questions. He asked if we wanted to have meetings on a regular basis or as needed. The majority agreed to have meetings as needed and at 1:00 p.m.

A nominating committee for new PB Board members will be formed in October, 2009 and elections will be held in December, 2009.

A motion was made to close the meeting.

(Minutes transcribed by Marta Holm)