Board members absent - Karen Lopossa and Jim Westby; Pinky Hordyk has resigned her position as membership officer

Jerry Zimowske, president, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. which was held in the ceramics room of Orchard Creek Lodge.

Carl Lee, vice president moved that the minutes from the last meeting be approved. Sandy Hamer, treasurer seconded the motion. The board approved. Sandy reported that the treasury has $4380.42. Expenses reported $102 for purchase of 5 dozen balls, and 3 deposits were made; $370 membership dues, $5.77 refund for bottles and cans, and $110 for the raffle tickets sold at the fund raiser at Home Spun Yogurt. This deposit did not include the 20% contribution that the shop offered. Barb Bartley has not yet received that money. Barb reported at this time that the next fund raiser would be held March 20, Sunday, from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. There will also be a raffle ticket sale for restaurant tickets.

Jerry reported the findings of the CCOC are not in favor of the advanced reservation system that was previously used on the website because all of the residents of Sun City do not use computers. This system had been taken down from the website and no longer being used. However, we are permitted to reserve a court for one hour when all four players are at the court and ready to play and sign up on the board. A committee consisting of Carl Lee, Sue Jonas, Frank Castellano, Helmut Koehne and Mona Wheeler was formed to come up with written rules for signing up playtime for the various groups; that is, A,B,C, orientation players and reservations. The committee's findings will be reported and posted at the courts.

A discussion was held about the purchasing of 4 new paddles for those attending orientation classes with Cal Meissen. He felt that the wooden paddles are too heavy and don't react like the paddles that most of us use and it would be helpful if we purchased some. Barb Bartley moved and Sue Jonas seconded that we purchase 4 paddles. The board voted yes with the understanding that Cal will bring and take them home so they will not be stolen again. Because it is the club purchasing these paddles we don't feel that we have to leave them in the locker for the use of all residents.

The Ladder League times will be changed from Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings to the afternoon (1:00-5:00 if necessary) starting March 22. The purpose of this change is to achieve maximum usage of the courts throughout the day and evening. We will revisit these hours as the temperatures increase and change the times as necessary.

Chris O'Keefe has requested that only one person representing the pickleball group approach him with questions and ideas for the courts. Carl Lee, made a motion that Jerry be that person and Mona Wheeler seconded the motion. We ask that all members of pickleball honor Chris' wish and present questions and requests to Jerry.

Mona brought up the subject of parking along the curbside of the pavilion. With warmer weather approaching and softball starting soon, she feels that there will be a shortage of parking spaces–especially when golf carts park at the curbs when there are spots available especially for such parking and made a request that those driving carts would use such spots and leave the curbs for cars. Its only a request.

Jerry adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m. with the announcement that the next meeting will be held on April 12, the room to be announced after assigned. Anyone is able to attend these meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Mona Wheeler