BOARD MEETING March 14, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Jerry Zimowske @ 2pm The minutes of the previous board meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report: There is $4168.32 in the checking and $2600.11 in the savings account.

Training: Cal reported there are 2 new players per week average. Last Saturday he used all three courts for training.

Tournament Update: Helmut said Wells Fargo Advisors asked for short opening and closing ceremony. Bill McCullough was suggested as MC. Volunteers are needed for reporting scores to the announcer. Glenise, Loretta volunteered.
We will also need a permit for street parking.
We may need a few more volunteers to be officials. (8 per day)

Membership: We currently have 226 paid members.. We are averaging 6 new members per month. Four names were drawn at the expo to receive a free one year membership.

Financial Controls: Carl Lee suggested that we need to require two signatures on checks and to set a limit for one signature. A motion was made by Cheryl Lane to require two signatures for amounts over $150.00. It was seconded by Carl Lee, and passed by the board. A second motion was made by Cheryl Lane to have incoming funds documented in a list with name of the payor, date, amount and purpose. This was seconded by Carl Lee and passed by the board.

Basketball players: Carl Lee had a conversation with Brandi and established that there is no association rule regarding basketball/pickleball court sharing. Cal made a motion to let the basketball players have the court after the pickleball game in progress has ended. It was seconded by Carl and passed by the board.

Expo Results: The Expo volunteers gave out a pretty good amount of information and were happy to hear about free instruction. Andrea suggested business cards promoting pickleball. Cheryl made a motion to approve these and Cal seconded the motion and the motion was passed.

New Courts Update: Barry updated the Properties Committee meeting. The committee reported that communities of our size nationally averaged 12 courts. Western communities average 9 courts. Lincoln Hills was at the bottom of list with only 4. The committee passed a motion to recommend to the board the building of an additional 3 courts, with possible more later. They advised the Board that a consultant not needed. They asked for ideas and recommendations for adjustment to plans, if needed. Stadium seating may not be included. Possible fast track to completion.

Team Play: Most everyone enjoyed the play but felt changes to format were needed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm Respectfully submitted,

Sherrill Slotsve