Members present: Bill MacCullough, Helmut Koehne, Scott Sutherland, Linda Brandelius, Mike Salli, Kathy Dillon, and Steve Dalaklis. Absent: Lin Filbin. Frank Castellanos, member at large absent. Marta arrived late.

Meeting was called to order and last month's meeting minutes were not approved. The minutes will be revised to add “motion made, moved, second and carried (MSC) as the term to be used when motions are made and passed. The names of all members present will also be listed on the minutes.

Steve - our bank account is up to date. The motion was made to start collecting dues January 1, 2010 (MSC).

Scott - Sales of paddles are brisk. Scott sold at least 16 paddles in the last month.

Linda - Saturday Demo Day is still going strong. The courts will be available on Fridays beginning May 22, from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. for beginner players. We will hold off on rotation play for now due to lacking interest. Marta will note this in the Compass input.

Kathy - Cinco de Mayo potluck was a success. Kathy will reserve the Sports Pavilion for our second annual BBQ on Saturday, August 22. She will work with Lin to start planning for our Holiday party.

Mike - Our website is up to date. Mike asked for pictures of our last tournament. Linda will send Mike some pictures.

Helmut - Due to the construction schedule for the new pickleball courts, we will not plan an August tournament. 

Marta - will update the group roster and send out to all members. She will remove all non-members from the email distributions and only cc: SCLH management when appropriate. Marta has reserved a table for the PB group at the 10th anniversary Group Demo at the Orchard.

Bill - gave an update on the court status. Barbara Dalaklis is coordinating PB's entry in the Lincoln Hills 10th Anniversary Parade. She is in the process of forming a committee. Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop has been contacted about having their costumed person be our mascot. Confirmation is pending.

A motion was made to close the meeting (MSC).

The next meeting will be held at Steve Dalaklis' home on June 9th at 3:00 p.m.