Board Members Present: Linda Brandelius, Steve Dalaklis, Kathy Dillon, Pinky Hordyk, Cal Meissen, David Rogers, Mona Wheeler, and Jerry Zimowske Mike Salli, Webmaster

Linda Brandelius called the meeting to order on April 13, 2010 at 10:05 in the Multi Purpose room of Orchard Creek. Steve Dalaklis, moved that the minutes be approved as written with Pinky Hordyk seconding the motion. Steve Dalaklis reported that the treasury has $1889.62 in the checking account and $2 in savings. (It is required to have a savings account in order to have a checking account). Steve reported that he had submitted the non-profit 990 form in May. It is required by the government to file every 3 years, but Steve recommends that it be filed every year. The Association finance committee was pleased with Steve's report.

Jerry Zimowske reported that Alan Christensen wants to have a clinic here. He wants 20 people enrolled at the cost of $12 for each clinic. He is offering 2 clinics at 2 hours each: (1) shots from the back court and (2) shots from the 7 foot line (kitchen). Jerry will coordinate.

Jerry has also looked into the cost of pickleballs. He's found some at $89 for 60. Brandy has been paying $109 for 60. The club will have to begin supplying these balls as Brandy's budget does not allow any longer. An email is to be sent out to the "friends" list explaining this and encouraging those "friends" to join and pay membership fee to help defray the expense of such balls. Pinky reported that we now have 171 members and 200 "friends" (non-paying).

Cal Meissen continues to hold training for beginners and would like to purchase name tags to make it easier for name retention both for him and his students. The new players would like a time designated for them to play together. Cal suggested they play from 1-3 on Wednesdays on courts 4 and 5. The board approved.

Kathy Dillon reported that she will check with Orchard Creek about a date and dollar amount for our Christmas Party and general meeting.

David Rogers will continue to contact Sutter about them sponsoring a tournament. They cannot commit until after their board/budget meeting in August.

Linda Brandelius said she would post the court rules. Pinky will print out a new schedule all in black (color is fading in one now). She will add the training time for the beginners.

There is still some difficulty on the courts with regard to players criticizing new players. If members of the club witness this, we suggest that those members/member take player aside and speak with him/her. We don't wish the new players to feel unwelcome.

Sue Jonas reported that June 9 will be the next pickleball scramble (tournament). Kathy will plan lunch. Sign up sheet will be posted at the courts as well as an email sent out. The cost will be $10 to play and eat and $7 just for lunch. No partner will be necessary for the sign up.

Pinky will look into a display case for the courts.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mona Wheeler