All Board members were present except Len Hauble.

The meeting was held on November 4, at 1:00 PM in the Presentation Hall at Kilaga Lodge.

Bill MacCullough, President - Called the meeting to order and the previous meeting minutes were approved. MOTION: MADE, SECOND: CARRIED (MSC)

Steve Dalaklis, Treasurer - We have $403.64 in our account.

Mike Salli, Webmaster - The website is updated. Contact Mike for any changes.

Scott Sutherland, Equipment Manager - Paddle sales are brisk. The balls on the court seem to be disappearing quickly. If you see anyone walk away with a ball please remind them to drop them in the ball bag on the courts.

Linda Brandelius, Member-at-Large/Training - Introduction to Pickleball sessions are very active on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We need more volunteers to help out on those days. Linda reminded all members to be courteous to one another.

Helmut Koehne, Tournament Director - Our tournament last week was a success. Helmut was congratulated for coordinating and doing a great job on seven tournaments as the Director.

Kathy Dillon/Lin Filbin, Social Directors - Tickets are on sale for our Holiday party at $25.00 per person. Make your check payable to SCLH PBG. Dinner and DJ for dancing are included. Submit checks or cash to either Kathy or Lin, or mail to Lin Filbin at 2706 Woodacre Lane. Cut-off date is November 30, 2009.

Marta Holm, Secretary - The PB roster is updated. If your name is not on it or you are not receiving PB-related emails please contact Marta. The PB group is reaching out to the community by organizing a food drive collecting non-perishable foods, new socks, wash cloths, and toiletries and donating all items to the Salt Mine in Lincoln. A box will be available at the courts for all donations. If you wish to make a monetary donation please make your check out to The Salt Mine and give it to Marta. The drive will be held from November 5 through November 20. The items will be presented to the Salt Mine on behalf of the PB group.

Bill MacCullough - Announced the PB Board would like to establish dues at $10.00 per person per year to provide funds for the group and to establish our roster. This would be effective January 1, 2010. The motion was made to establish dues paid per year. MSC by Steve Dalaklis and Mike Salli.

The PB Club Event Release form and membership dues form were distributed to audience members. PB players who become members, pay dues and sign the waiver may participate in tournaments and attend PB social activities. The form will be emailed to all members who were unable to attend today's meeting.

As a PB Nominating Sub-committee member, Sharon Klotz presented the names of nominees for the new board, and each person was asked to stand:

President, Linda Brandelius

Vice President, Jerry Zimowske

Secretary, Mona Wheeler

Tournament Director, Don Parent

Membership, Pinky Hordyk

Publicity, Jim Westby

Training, Cal Meissen

At Large, David Rogers

Treasurer, Steve Dalaklis,current

Social Director, Kathy Dillon, current

No motions were made from the audience to nominate anyone else for these positions. A motion was made to accept these nominations as the new PB Board for 2010. MSC by Sandy MacCullough and Mike Salli. Installation of the new board members will be held at our Holiday party.

Bill, Helmut and Scott met with Chris O'Keefe regarding the sign-up board. Our logo will be placed on the board. A proposal was made to have members place their self-grading next to their name on the board when they sign up to play. This will allow members to decide whether they want to play with a particular skill level. There were many good comments and discussion from the audience about this. It was decided that a sub-committee would be formed to come up with recommendations toward the best solution for a signing up procedure. Members from A, B, and C skill levels volunteered to be on this sub-committee as follows: Audrey Morse, Paul Walz, Rachel LaForest, David Rogers and Sandy Hamer. They will report back to the PB board within two weeks.

Chris suggested to Bill that we take pictures of people playing on the courts and waiting for an open court. We've had large groups of people at the courts since the new courts opened. The pictures would be presented to the SCLH Board to let them know we need to start Phase 2: the second set of courts.

Bill reminded everyone that courts 4 and 5 are closed on Tuesdays from 12:00 - 2:00 PM for landscaping maintenance.

Elliott Holden has DVDs for sale of the tournament that was held last week at $5.00 each.

A motion was made to adjourn (MSC).

(Minutes transcribed by Marta Holm)