The General Meeting held at Kilaga Springs, Presentation Hall, was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by President Jerry Zimowske. Board members not in attendance were: Sandy Hamer, Sue Jonas, Jim Westby and Karen Lopossa. We had 35 members or guests present who were not officers.

At the request of Barry Cunningham, Jerry asked that everyone please sign a thank you card for the Dentist that contributed $1500 toward a message board. IÕm sorry that I didnÕt make note of his name but it will be on the board when it is installed by Chris O'Keefe.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the Board. Sandy Hamer recently had knee surgery so was unable to attend the meeting and give a treasurer's report however the amount is: $4283.15.

Barb Bartley, social chairman announced that the Christmas party will be held on December 6 in the Orchard Creek ballroom. Deadline for purchase of tickets is December 1. So far she has sold 45 tickets. Depending on the dinner you selectŠchicken or pork tenderloin, the prices are different.

Loretta Halpin reported that we currently have 243 paid members, 5 of which have paid for the year 2012. Dues are $15 and will become due again in January. Anyone who wishes to participate in tournaments or ladder and team play must be a paying member.

Jerry announced the new slate of officers as: secretary, Sherrill Slotsve; social director, Cheryl Lane; publicity director, Sherry Mosby; training director, Cal Meisssen; and tournament director, Helmut Koehne. He called for other nominations and since there were no others, Steve Dalaklis made a motion with Mona Wheeler seconding the motion that a vote be taken. All members present voted yes.

Jerry gave a report about the workshop held by the Board of Directors, financial committee and properties committee, that he, Carl Lee, Cheryl Lane and a few others attended. It was determined by the workshop committee that they would hire a consultant to determine if additional pickleball courts were needed. Bob Cooke is going to do the research for the consultant. The subject came up at the workshop about our members being willing to contribute monies and Jerry said "we would consider it". No dollar amount was given by the BOD. Audience members requested that when Jerry hears about the next meeting that he would notify all the p.b. members.

A long discussion held and many members had an opportunity to express how they felt about contributing. In the end, Barry Cunningham moved and Mona Wheeler seconded the motion that we pledge $2500.00. A vote was taken with 12 members voting "no" and 29 "yes". It was not determined as to how, when, where and if this money will be offered.

Team play rules were written by Helmut Koehne and read by Mona Wheeler and a show of hands taken as to whether members wanted this. The majority does. We will begin hopefully in January on a Saturday at 1:00. Jerry has to speak and get permission from Brandy Gracia first. Depending on the number of sign ups we will form teams of 8-10 players and play in 1 or 2 divisions. All teams will have an equal number of men and women made up of A,B and C players but they must know the pickleball rules. Each team will select a captain who will be responsible to know the "team" play rules, convey all league information to his/her team; have a complete team available prior to each match; choose their doubles players in each match; and have all team members play in equal number of games during league play.

The teams shall play a round-robin tournament in their division. If we have more then one division, play-offs shall determine the winning team.

We are hoping to get 60 members to sign up for this and we are looking at probably a 8-10 week session. Mona Wheeler along with Helmut will run this but Mona will accept sign ups via email when she receives permission to go forward with this.

Joy Hunter reported that she has sent an article to the Lincoln News Messenger about our representatives who played in St. George Utah's (Huntsman's games). Look for in to come out on Thursday. There will also be an article in the Senior News (mailed to each of us) about the women's league that is now being put together by Sherry Mosby. Joy invited anyone from the community to come and watch.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Mona Wheeler Secretary