Linda Brandelius, President called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. at the home of Sue Jonas.

Steve Dalaklis, Kathy Dillon and Mike Salli were absent. Others that were present were Helmut Koehne, Sandy Hamer, Marta Holm and Frank Castellano.

Of primary importance to this meeting is for the nominating committee that was composed of Marta Holm, Tom Bartley, Loretta Halpin and Peter Henschel to name those who have volunteered to run for office for 2011 at the December 7 general meeting. Marta Holm reported that Carl Lee will run for vice president; Sandy Hamer for treasurer; Barbara Bartley, social chairman with Pam Rogers as her assistant; Corrine Giantonio and Karen LaPossa both running for member at large. Jerry Zimowske will take over as the president since Linda Brandelius will not remain on the board. Mona, Cal, Sue, Pinky and Jim will continue with their positions. Linda reported that the December 7th meeting will be at Kilaga Springs at 10:00 a.m.

Steve Dalaklis reported that the ending balance of the treasury is $1655.38; expenses for balls were $102; and income from bottle returns, $20.00.

Cal Meissen reported that there would be no training until the new court has been completed.

Linda reported that Gaye McIntosh, from the properties committee has been coming down to look at the progress of the new court. According to Frank Castellano's conversation with Chris O'Keefee, there will full sized fencing around the new court.

Helmut Koehne, Ladder League Chairman explained a bit more about how the system will work. Points will be given for wins (points=score). Thus, those who win/score the most points will move up/down on the ladder. A vote was taken from the board to play on Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2, and possibly Friday if we have a large number of people who sign up to play ladder. This play will continue for an undermined amount of time, just as team ladder play has continued. The new board will have to notify Brandy Garcia of this league play.

Jerry Zimowske said that Corrine Giantonio didn't want to run the clinics for Allen Christensen any longer and the board decided to cancel the clinic for next week.

Sue Jonas is to organize a tournament for the second week of December. Helmut Koehne and Cal Meissen will be on the committee. Depending on the number of people who sign up, it may be a 2 day tournament. At this time, she is thinking about a secret draw - you don't have to find a partner. Each person will be given a number and you will have a different partner for each of the 4 games that you will play–hopefully not playing with any of the same people each game. If there are enough people signing up, the committee will divide into skill level divisions - 16 people to each division is ideal.

A question about the dues was brought up by Pinky, that Mike looked up in the By Laws. He reported that the By Laws read that after July new members only have to pay ½ dues.

reported that 21 people have paid full price that shouldn't have had to. Anyone who wants to play in the upcoming tournament in December and is not a member will have to pay $5 dues.

Steve Dalaklis made a motion with Sue Jonas seconding it, that we raise the dues to $15. This was passed by the board.

Frank Castellano suggested that Linda and those attending the meeting on November 8, talk with Jeannine Balcombe about having our picture on the cover of the Compass keeping in mind that it would be a good marketing took for the Sun City Lincoln Hills community.

Two suggestions for the next year's board were presented for further action:

1. Look into making a request for the $2000 "donation" made to groups for their use. This was reported to the board by Audrey Morse in August, too late for 2010 because the request needs to be presented before July 31. The monies need to be spent on an "asset" that will last at least one year.

2. We should get on the list with the Board of Directors for additional courts so that we can be considered since the Phase #1 has been approved.

Steve Dalaklis told Mona Wheeler that it will be necessary, after the election of officers in December, to present a letter to Golden One Credit Union, naming the new officers who would be eligible to sign checks for the Pickleball Group. Mona will prepare such letter and have it ready for the meeting in December.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mona Wheeler