Members of the board not present: Carl Lee, Barb Bartley and Karen Lapossa. There were 27 people in attendance counting the board members.

Jerry Zimowske, president, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. in the ceramics room at Orchard Creek. Minutes from the meeting of September were approved as written. Sandy Hamer, treasurer, reported that the treasury has $3829.45 as of this date. Her written report says $4137.15 but it didn't include 2 checks that on this date she just wrote.

Loretta Halpin, membership chairman reported that we now have 238 paid up members. Jerry reminded her and others in the meeting that in our By Laws, if anyone should join the last 2 months of the year that dues will not be charged for the next year. In other words, members paying in Nov. or Dec. will be good for 14 months.

Sue Jonas wanted to thank Barb Bartley and Pam Rogers for the outstanding job they have done all year with parties and making sure that the tournaments have snacks and water. The "C" tournament went very well and everyone had a good time in spite of the cancellation of Monday's play. All was completed on Tuesday. The winners were: First place Jim Pulliam and Helene Violette; second place Vera Reynolds and Lyman Olney; and third place Dick Ames and Bonnie Robbins.

Jerry congratulated Barry Cunningham for doing an excellent job on the presentation to the Properties Committee for more pickleball courts. The P.C. agreed to do research to take to the Board of Directors. There is a two week gap between the P.C. meeting and the BOD meeting for doing the research. That meeting will be October 27 at 9:00 a.m. in Presentation Hall (KS).

Seating was another topic discussed and voted on that we want stadium seating rather then bleachers. Also mentioned was the necessity of having a gate between courts 5 and 6 like we have between 3 and 2 now. Frank Castellano believes that in the original drawing of all 6 courts that there is a pathway between the 2 sets of courts that would allow entrance thorough a gate to courts 5 and 6 and he suggested and hoped that there would be a representative from pickleball if courts are approved. Chris O'Keefe told Barry that electrical power would be made available. Barry also told the BOD that pickleball will not contribute dollars toward the courts.

Cal Meissen reported that there were 3 new players who showed up for training today along with 3 or 4 former players.

Jerry had attended a "club" meeting held by Jeannine Balcombe where he learned that a website is coming for each club to use. Also each club will have a chance to take out a 1/2 page ad in the Compass each year.

Questions were presented to Jerry for the Agenda for this month, one of which was what are we going to do with our money? A discussion was held about dues, etc. and was decided that the topic needs more study. Mona Wheeler suggested that we purchase a leaf blower and Sue Jonas seconded the motion but Marty Rubin offered to give us one instead. An extension cord will be necessary and removal of canopies in the locker will be necessary in order to store the leaf blower.

Jerry announced that the nominating committee should meet soon. That committee is: Linda Brandelius. Richard Holm, Andrea Mayorga, and Mona Wheeler.

Sherry Mosby is interested in starting a women's ladder and after some discussion requested that a survey be put out as to how many women would be interested. With the women at the meeting, eight said they would be interested. Helmut is concerned that men would want the same and with courts so limited it might be difficult. Sherry also wondered if a tournament for women could be arranged. A survey will be sent to membership to see what interest there is this.

Frank Castellano would like to initiate Roberts Rule of Order on the Agenda. Jerry wondered who would be willing to look into the rules and Cal Meissen was willing.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:22 p.m. by Jerry.

Respectfully submitted by,
Mona Wheeler