A meeting was held at Linda Brandelius' home this date for the sole purpose of naming a nominating committee for board members for 2011. Steve Dalaklis, treasurer; Kathy Dillon, social chairman; Dave Rogers, member at large; and Linda Brandelius, president will be resigning. Jerry Zimowske will take over as president since this is a position normally held for two years but with Linda's resignation, we will also need a vice president.

Jim Westby, publicity director; Pinky Hordyk, membership chair; and Mona Wheeler, secretary have agreed to continue in their positions.

The suggested nominating committee is: Marta Holm, Peter Henschel, Helmut Koehne, Tom Bartley, and Loretta Halpin. Kathy Dillon and Steve Dalaklis have also acted as members of the committee but the board felt that the committee needed more representation. Linda/Steve will notify the above mentioned names to see if they are willing to be on the committee.

Sue Jonas and Kathy Dillon were absent from this meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Mona Wheeler