The meeting was called to order by President Bill MacCullough. Members present Bill MacCullough, Helmut Koehne, Kathy Dillon, Linda Brandelius, Marta Holm, Steve Dalakis, Scott Sutherland, Mike Salli and guest Barbara Dalakis. Absent: Lin Filbin, Len Haubl. Minutes were taken and transcribed by Marta Holm.

A motion was made by Steve to approve the minutes from the previous Board meeting. MSC.

Barbara gave a report on progress of parade/parade committee. All set for the parade. We will have approx. 30 PB members in the parade. Barbara reminded all to wear PB shirts and bring your paddles and medals.

Treasurer- Steve- bank balance is $431.20.

Equipment- Scott- 4 recent paddle sales

Tournaments- Helmut - nothing to report

Social - Kathy was congratulated for a job well done at the anniversary luncheon. Next event will be the Holiday party.

Courts manager/At Large - Linda - nothing to report

Web page- Mike - nothing to report

Secretary - Marta - asked if court schedules were going to be set up once the new courts opened. Some BOD members felt there weren't enough courts to do that. We should reserve some time for beginner play. Marta also asked that Bill follow up with Chris about the new bulletin board. It was decided that the PB group as a whole would not send flowers to ill members. Marta reminded the BOD that we should use the Mr. Pickle Sandwich shop again for an event as they are our sponsors.

President - Bill - gave a report on the court status. The fence will be put up this week and courts painted 3 different shades of color.

Bill initiated the new Board process. Current board positions were reviewed to determine if there was still a need for them. We will not fill the Equipment manager position. The Webmaster will be an appointed position. Five PB members will be appointed to the Nominating Committee (NC): two (2) current BOD members (Scott and Helmut) and three (3) members from the general membership. Those three members will not be eligible to run for board positions. Therefore, Bill will advise them when he calls to invite them to be on the NC. Candidates nominated by the NC will be presented at the November general membership meeting. Nominations will also be taken from the floor. If more than one person is interested in a particular BOD position then an election will take place after nominations are made. Should there only be one nomination per position, then the election can be by acclamation. Installation of new officers will be at the Holiday party in December.

The following is a list of BOD positions either open or renewed:

President - open

Vice-President - open

Secretary - open

Treasurer - Steve Dalaklis renewed

Social Director - Kathy Dillon renewed

Tournament Director - open

At Large - open

Membership (collect dues, recruit new members) - open

Publicity - ( Compass monthly input, news) - open

Training - open

We discussed collecting $10.00 annual dues in November for 2010. After approval by membership, the treasurer, Steve Dalaklis, will start collecting 2010 dues until a Membership BOD member is elected at which time that person will take over that duty. If a new group member signs up to join the group after October in any given year, they will pay their $10.00 dues at that time and get a by for the remaining months in that year. A motion was made by Steve to approve the dues process. MSC

Next meeting- Tuesday, October 13, 10:00 AM at Steve's home. November's meeting will be on the 3rd at 10:00 AM at Marta's house. Bill will reserve a room for the November general membership meeting.

Motion to adjourn the meeting (MSC)