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You must first read all of the Ladder League Rules which are shown below. Then click the link at the bottom of the page to continue to the online ladder signup form.

Lincoln Hills Pickleball Ladder League Rules

CURRENT and NEW PLAYERS should familiarize themselves with the Game and Ladder Rules on a periodic basis as updates may take place.

Game Rules

All pickleball club ladder games are governed by the USAPA Rule Book, except for certain specific club ladder rules.

Purpose of Ladder Rules

These rules are established to maintain consistency of play and record keeping within and between ladders (A, B, C, D or Womens).

General Information

The format of play is designed so that players play mostly with others of similar skill levels. Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible).

The ladder is a competition, not a training forum.

Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks of play will be used for this calculation. Each week, players will be placed in groups of 4 in the order of their ranking on the ladder for match play. Players assigned to be a substitute (see Below) will be taken into account in setting up the matches.

You are expected to play every week unless you email the Captain that you will be absent. All players will play three 15-point doubles games in a round robin fashion with the other three players of the foursome.Each Game ends when one of the teams wins its 15th point (no need to win by two points).

At the start of each game, players may draw for the first serve and choice of side. The 4 players may agree to the sequence of partners prior to the first game. Otherwise, the top-ranked player will partner with the second-ranked player in the first game, the top-ranked player will partner with the third-ranked player in the second game, and the top-ranked player will partner with the fourth-ranked player in the third game.

Players change ends of the court, when the first team has 8 points, in order to minimize the effects of the sun and wind.

Missed games are not made up. The percentages are based only on the games that are actually played.

After the games are finished, players record their scores on a score sheet available at court site. Record the individual game scores and the total for the three games. There is a maximum of 45 points because games do not have to be won by 2 points. Each week the standings and the schedule will be posted on the ladder page of the website.

All communication with ladder captains has to be by email. If a player does not have email, he/she must have an email "buddy".

To Join the Pickleball Ladder Program

1. You must be a Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club member in good standing.
2. You must read and familiarize yourself with the Ladder League Rules.

Publishing the Players Schedule

Players schedule and time will be published on the ladder link of the website 48 hrs prior to the ladder play. Players without email capability will need to find an "email buddy". The schedule may also be posted on the Club's bulletin board at the discretion of the Ladder Captain. Phone calls to communicate ladder positions and court assignments, etc. will NOT be accepted. However, players should telephone the Ladder Captain if they need to cancel a ladder play assignment on the day of ladder play.

Ladder Schedule

Ladders play will be as follows:

Womens Ladder league on Mondays
Ladder League A on Tuesdays
Ladder Leauge D on Wednesdays
Ladder League B on Thursdays
Ladder League C on Fridays

Ladder League times are as follows:

1 PM to 5 PM.
Ladder Captains may Suspend ladder play during hot weather months.

Ladder Displays

Only the ACTIVE players' list will be published on the ladder page of the website under "Ladder-League Standings".

Ladder Captains may place any player who cannot play for more than two weeks on an INACTIVE list which is seen only by the Captain. A player on INACTIVE status will remain there until their Ladder Captain receives an email from the player, thereby reactivating his/her status. Players that remain inactive for 3 months or longer will be removed from the ladder. All scores will be deleted at that time and cannot be recovered.

The SCHEDULE is displayed each week, showing only those players who are available to play that week, or that are assigned to be a substitute.


Can't Play - BEFORE Schedule is Published

A player unable to play on the specified day should email their Ladder Captain no later than 3 days prior to the ladder play day. The groupings will then be made without that player. The player's most recent 'score' will stand until the player resumes play. There is no penalty for being absent as long as the player has emailed the Captain before the published deadline.

Notification Deadlines are the end of the day as follows:

Friday for Mondays Ladder games
Saturday for Tuesdays Ladder games
Sunday for Wednesdays Ladder games
Monday for Thursdays Ladder games
Tuesdays for Fridays Ladder games

Can't Play - AFTER Schedule is Published

After the players schedule is published (within 48 hrs of play) and prior to the actual match: NOTIFY your Ladder Captain Immediately. Telephone the Ladder Captain if this “can’t play” notice is on the same day as ladder play. Ladder Captains have the authority to suspend players from ladder play for up to one month for recurring late cancellations.

No Shows on Day of Ladder

A Ladder Captain may suspend a player for one month, or delete a player from the ladder, if that players has, in the Ladder Captains opinion, a pattern of not showing up for ladder play without notifying the Ladder Captain in advance. This action may occur when player is a no-show after being warned by the Ladder Captain.

Inactive Players

Players may miss one or more weeks because of their personal schedules, and still remain in an ACTIVE status. The ONLY requirement is to email their Ladder Captain BEFORE the match schedule is made out for the upcoming week.

A player that cannot play for an extended period of time will be placed on the Inactive List by the Ladder Captain. When the Ladder Captain receives an email from the inactive player that he/she can play again, the Captain will place the player back in an ACTIVE status on the ladder. The player's percentage will NOT change while on the Inactive List. The Inactive List is NOT displayed on the web site.

Players that remain inactive for 3 months or longer will be removed from the ladder. All scores will be deleted at that time and cannot be recovered.

Re-joining the Ladder League

A player that has been removed due to inactivity for 3 months or longer can re-join the ladder-league at any time by completing a ladder-league Sign Up Form, available on our club website. The player can join the ladder that best suits his/her level of play at the time of re-joining.

Substitute Players

Substitutes are assigned if a ladder captain is unable to fill a foursome. The assignment of substitutes is at the discretion of the Ladder Captain. Whenever possible a player should have a minimum of 4 scores before being assigned as a substitute.

All ladder players shall receive the same number of substitute assignments. A player who has already been a substitute should not be assigned to be a substitute for a second time as long as other ladder players have not yet been assigned as a substitute, unless these players do not yet have 4 ladder scores.

Whenever 2 or 3 substitutes need to be assigned, the ladder captain shall choose one player each from the lower and upper, or lower, middle and upper ladder section, whenever possible.

Substitutes have to be present during ladder play and remain at the court until released by their Ladder Captain.

If a player is assigned as a substitute, but gets chosen to play, the players score will count, but the player will not be credited with a time as a substitute.

If no substitute is available and a scheduled player does not show, the ladder captain can ask one of the scheduled players of another foursome to play twice, however ALL involved players have to agree to it. The player playing twice will only be credited with the score of his/her scheduled games.

The ladder captain can also ask a non-ladder player to substitute, but ALL involved players have to agree to it.

Substitutes Scores

A Substitutes score will always count if that substitute is on the Ladder, unless the substitute played/plays his/her match PLUS agreed to substitute in another match.

Interruption of Scheduled Ladder Play

One of the 3-game matches scheduled for ladder play may be interrupted when one of the players in a four-player match has determined he/she can no longer play. This may be due to injury, concern over weather conditions, or an emergency calling the player away from the match. When this interruption takes place in the first game of the match, and if the team with the most points scored has 3 or less points, the match may be replayed from the beginning with a substitute player. See “Substitute Players” section above for rules governing use of a substitute player. If the interrupted match is in the first game and the team with the most points scored has 4 or more points, or if the interrupted match is in the second of third games of the match, the match will be canceled and no scores will be recorded for any of the players involved.

Scheduled ladder play may be interrupted after some, but not all, matches have been completed. This may be due to weather conditions or other reasons where completion of remaining scheduled matches cannot take place. In this case, scores for all completed matches will count and be recorded.

When ladder players have had their scheduled match canceled or interrupted for any reason, and the match will not be continued and completed, the players may choose to play a social game where the results will not be recorded for ladder play purposes. In these cases, the players must sign up to play on the non-ladder courts according to the normal Association court rules.

Rule Changes

Rules can be changed. A written proposal can be submitted to the Ladder Manager, who then will review and discuss the suggestion with the submitter. The Ladder Committee will review the proposed rule change and make a final decision. The submitter will be informed of that decision.

Movement between Ladders

(This rule change went into effect on November 6, 2014)

Players with a cumulative winning percentage of 85% or more, as shown in the Ladder Standings, for each of Five consecutiveweeks of play, will be moved to the next higher ladder.

Players with a cumulative winning percentage of 70% or lower, as shown in the Ladder Standings, for each of Five consecutive weeks of play, will be moved to the next lower ladder.

Ladder Captains have the discretion to move a player on their ladder to a higher or lower ladder, even if the above thresholds are not met, if in the Captain’s opinion, this is best for that Captain’s Ladder.

I Have Read And Will Follow The Rules