Ladder League

A ladder league is currently scheduled for club members interested in playing competitive Pickleball against players of equal playing ability. To sign up, read the rules and then either fill out the entry form and deposit the completed entry form in the appropriate metal box located in the storage shed at the courts, or fill out the entry form on line (to do that, go to the Sign Up Form page and click the Sign Up On Line link displayed there). You will then be assigned to the proper league.

There are four mixed doubles leagues based on skill level. There is one womens league for all skill levels. Each week players are assigned to a foursome. The foursome will play 3 games changing partners for each game.

Scoring is kept by individual and games are to 15 points. If player A won all 3 games, his/her score would be 45. These scores are entered into the Ladder League website to produce rankings and the schedule for the next week.

The schedule: Mixed Ladders play on Tuesdays (A Ladder), Wednesdays (D Ladder), Thursdays (B Ladder) and Fridays (C Ladder). The WomenÕs Ladders play on Mondays. Play time starts at 1 pm for all ladders. Ladder play may be suspended during the summer months (generally June through September) at the discretion of each Ladder Captain.

Mike Hilton
Ladder-League Manager
Email address: