Club Championships 2018

Tournament Director: Lynn Fraser and Didi Martin

Womens's Doubles 3.0 Ages 50-69

Gold: Stacy Koch and Anita Lehrer
Silver: Barbara Peach and Marcia Westby
Bronze: Pat Furr and Lori Schaumleffel

Women's Doubles 3.0 Ages 70 plus

Gold: Sue Walden and Margo Walters
Silver: Julie Knapp and Karyl Freeman
Bronze: Cindy Taylor and Marcia Hughes

Women's Doubles 3.5 Ages 50-69:

Gold: Molly Morris and Sully Hannah
Silver: Karen Goeman and Mary Keaney
Bronze: Karen Hafenrichter and Monica Luz

Women's Doubles 4.0 Ages 50-69:

Gold: Judy Musgrave and Susan Whalen
Silver: Barb Bartley and Elizabeth Malin
Bronze: (No Award)

Women's Doubles 4.5 Ages 50-69:

Gold: Andrea Mayorga and robin Haney
Silver: (No Award)
Bronze: (No Award)

Men's Singles 3.0 plus:

Gold: Bob Morris
Silver: Paul Abad
Bronze: Rich Hetke

Men's Singles 4.0 Plus:

Gold: Richard Norman
Silver: Jim Kiley
Bronze: russ Grover

Men's Doubles 3.0 Ages 60-69:

Gold: Ed Musgrave and Connie Hoetger
Silver: David Bacon and Marshall Crandall
Bronze: Bob Brooks and Tom Peach

Men's Doubles 3.0 Ages 70-74:

Gold: Ed Dillon and Tom Anthoney
Silver: Dick Paul and Rick Hetke
Bronze: Ron Dilbeck and Rich Tassano

Men's Doubles 3.0 Ages 80-89:

Gold: Ron Anderson and Wayne Schmeck
Silver: Bill Bjorge and Norman Seidenverg
Bronze: Dick Furr and Don Robinson

Men's Doubles 3.5 Ages 60-69:

Gold: Paul Abad and Gerry Gates
Silver: Al Soares and Karl Wenzler
Bronze: Joe Clark and Bob Morris

Men's Doubles 3.5 Ages 75-79:

Gold: Ron Greeno and Cal Meissen
Silver: Roger Lopossa and Jay Messick
Bronze: Gary Janikula and Rein Lemberg

Men's Doubles 4.0/4.5 plus overall Ages 60-69:

Gold: Tom Quallick and John Kirkwood
Silver: Mike Irwin and Mike McElroy
Bronze: Terry Tibbetts and Roland Lee

Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Ages 50-69:

Gold: Karen Goeman and Pat Hamm
Silver: Marilyn Catania and oe Clarke
Bronze: Carolyn Janikula and Bill Brunst

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Ages 50-69:

Gold: Sue O'Connell and Roger Lopposa
Silver: Robin Haney and John Kirkwood
Bronze: Andrea Mayorga and Mike McElroy

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Ages 70 plus:

Gold: Cal Meissen and Elizabeth Mallin
Silver: Didi Martin and Pete Frantti
Bronze: Carol Nakeo and Ed Dillon

Men's Doubles 3.0 Ages 70 plus:

Gold: Pat Furr and Connie Hoetger
Silver: Young Hur and Rick Hetke
Bronze: Sue Walden and Ron Anderson