August 20, 2008 Tournament

A Word from the Tournament Director.

A full year went by since the first pickleball was served in our Lincoln Hills community. We celebrated our first Club Anniversary with a surprise Team Pickleball Tournament and a delicious Tri-Tip BBQ Luncheon and Social.

For many players the tournament format was more challenging than the games, but at the end everyone survived to be able to enjoy the luncheon, the anniversary festivities and the award ceremonies. On the courts however, only four of the 8 teams survived the semi-finals. 2 "A" and 2 "B" teams fought hard for their respective trophies. The most exciting finals in our young club history drew a crowd of over 60 spectators. Thank you spectators for your enthusiasm and support.

A BIG thank you goes to Katie and Greg Didion for a delicious, truly home made tri-tip sandwich with all the trimmings and a wonderful PB-club "birthday cake".

Richard Holm did a great job collecting gifts and many gift cards from local businesses for a raffle he held following the meal. Thanks Richard and Marta for all your work.

After a short speech by the founder of our PB-club, Bill McCullough was presented a gift of appreciation and a "PB-club Founders Medal" by the club members. Thanks again Bill.

Thanks to Linda Brandelius for assembling a photo album with pictures of our first two tournaments and for reading two of her own humorous poems about the Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club and its players.

Because of the willingness of so many members to volunteer to take on the tough positions as referees, line judges and score keepers the tournament ran once again smooth. Their work was most appreciated. Thanks also to Jim and Elliott for their dedication behind the cameras, freezing some special moments for the future.

And here are the winning teams of our first team pickleball tournament:

"A" Bracket Team Winners
Katie Didion
Audrey Morse
Don Parent
Paul Walz

"B" Bracket Team Winners
Kathy Dillon
Carole Palmroth
Bob Costabile
Roger Odle

Helmut Koehne
Tournament Director