Club Champions 2014

Group Photos

Tournament Winners

Womens A Doubles

GOLD - Andrea Mayorga and Robin Haney
SILVER - Kathy Dillion and Barb Bartley
BRONZE - Glenise Cunningham and Elizabeth Malin

Womens B Doubles

GOLD - Michelle Poirer and Chris Berney
SILVER - Pam Abad and Nancee George
BRONZE - Crissy Beadle and Margo Walters

Womens C/D Doubles

GOLD - Marilyn McCullough and Patty MacKirdy
SILVER - Peggy Holt and Marcy Westby
BRONZE - Gale Miller and Patty Hanson

Mens A Doubles

GOLD - Greg Giles and DJ Cox
SILVER - Richard Norman and Mike Hilton
BRONZE - Barry Cunningham and Cal Meissen

Mens B Doubles

GOLD - Bill Rexrode and Gary McDuff
SILVER - Wayne Schmeck and Ron Dilbeck
BRONZE - Ron Slagle and Marty Rubin

Mixed C Doubles

GOLD - Oscar Alvarez and Marty Westby
SILVER - Kelly Gibson and Gary Mathews
BRONZE - Hal McLaughlin and Dave Mateer

Mixed A Doubles

GOLD - Robin Haney and Mike Hilton
SILVER - Andrea Mayorga and Richard Norman
BRONZE - Sharon Klotz and Bec Cannistraci

Mixed B Doubles

GOLD - Chris and Jim Berney
SILVER - Nancee and Ken George
BRONZE - Janet and Gary McDuff

Mixed C/D Doubles

GOLD - Oscar Alvarez and Marcy Westby
SILVER - Mike Genest and Danielle Bergmooser
BRONZE - Crissy Beadle and Jim McDonald