St Patrick's Day Tournament Results

Bracket A Medalists

First I'd like to thank all the participants who played in the tournament and the many volunteers who helped as referees, line judges and provided snacks and drinks for the players!

Special thanks to Audrey Morse for lining up the referees and line judges, Kathy Dillon for providing refreshments, and Sue Jonas and Helmut Koehne for running the tournament while I played on Wednesday.

You are greatly appreciated! Here are the results:

Bracket "C"
Gold Medal Winners Carl Lee and Carole Norman
Silver Medal Winners Karl Wenzler and Cheryl Lane
Bronze Medal Winners Leonard Lyubovny and Sandy Hamer

Bracket "B"
Gold Medal Winners Tom Bartley and Sherrill Slotsve
Silver Medal Winners Tom Gatti and Marta Holm

Bronze Medal Winners John Mastor and Kathy Dillon

Bracket "A"
Gold Medal Winners Don Parent and Sharon Klotz
Silver Medal Winners Cal Meissen and Linda Brandelius
Bronze Medal Winners Mike Hilton and Lin Filbin

Thank You!
Don Parent- Tournament Director

Mixed Doubles Partners- Bracket "C"
David Conner /Shari Hunter
Carl Wenzler/ Cheryl Lane
Carl Lee/ Barbara Dalaklis
Jim Hunter/Alla Lyubvny
Leonard Lyubovny/ Sandy Hamer
Bob Costabile/ Crissy Beadle
Bill MacCullough/ Debbie Gates

Mixed Doubles Partners - Bracket "B"
Ed Chiosso/ Kathy Adams
John Mastor/ Kathy Dillon
Frank Castellano/ Aileen Niver
Tom Bartley/ Sherrill Slotsve
Tom Gatti / Marta Holm
Marty Rubin/ Jan Boatwright
Don Rickgauer/ Rachel LaForest
Montie Boatwright/ Barbara Bartley
Mike Salli/ Joann Hilton

Mixed Doubles Partners - Bracket "A"
Peter Henschel/ Sue Jonas
Mike Hilton/ Lin Filbin
David Rogers/ Loretta Halpin
Jim Westby Katie Didion
Paul Walz/ Audrey Morse
Don Parent/ Sharon Klotz
Roger Odle/ Mona Wheeler
D. J. Cox/ Carole Palmroth
Cal Meissen/ Linda Brandelius