In its short 9 months club history, our second LH Pickleball Club tournament was another smashing success with a much improved level of play. This may be contributed to the additional days available for pickleball play, but also to the high skill level several new members brought to the club. The stately backdrop of 40 to 60 spectators for each of the 3 sessions, First Round, Semi-Finals and Final Four Matches, was most impressive. I am sure that all players appreciated the cheering on. The cool mornings and afternoon temperatures in the mid eighties made it near perfect weather for the 2 days of Pickleball.

What would a pickleball tournament be without a wonderful luncheon buffet on the day of the finals? We may never find out because of our dedicated social committee. A BIG THANK YOU to Aileen Niver and Lin Filbin for a great job.

Only one of the top 4 seated players on both, the women's and men's side, did NOT make it to the Final Four. The 5th seated woman and man replaced them. That shows the expertise of the 12 members that participated in the pre-ranking of the players.

Now to the Final Four finishes:
Champion: Marilyn Duncan
Runner-up: Linda Brandelius
Third Place: Katie Didion
Forth Place: Audrey Morse
Champion: Don Parent
Runner-up: Helmut Koehne
Third Place: Scott Sutherland
Forth Place: Cal Meissen


Thank you players, referees, line judges, score keepers and spectators for making it a great tournament.

Helmut Koehne
Tournament Director