Mixed Doubles Championships - November 2008

Our pickleball tournament year ended with the Mixed Doubles Club Championships. With the quality of play improving consistently, nobody seemed disappointed with the caliber of play. The applause and cheers of the 30-plus spectators on each of the 2 days rewarded the playing teams for their excellent play. The weather could not have been better for this time of the year. Mostly sunny skies, with temperatures from the high forties in the morning to the low seventies in the afternoon, made it ideal for pickleball. We could not have wished for a better tournament. Thanks again to the many volunteers that refereed and called the lines.

Aileen and Lin kept up with the great action on the court by organizing once again a delicious luncheon catered by our sponsor,Mr. Pickle Sandwich Shop, with enough food to satisfy a small army. The refreshments at the court side were much appreciated by the players and spectators alike. Thanks from all to Aileen, Lin and their crew.

The 2008 Mixed Doubles Club Champions:

"A" Bracket
Gold Medal Winners Cal Meissen & Linda Brandelius
Silver Medal Winners Helmut Koehne & Sharon Klotz
Bronze Medal Winners: Don Parent & Kathy Dillon

"B" Bracket
Gold Medal Winners: Fred Garrison & Lin Filbin
Silver Medal Winners: Jim Westby & Aileen Niver
Bronze Medal Winners: Tom & Barb Bartley

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!!

Helmut Koehne
Tournament Director