October 31, 2009 Tournament

Our 2009 Tournament Season came to an end. The new courts and the excellent play drew large crowds, and the 3 day event was topped off with a delicious barrel chicken potluck, attended by 66 players, spectators and friends.

The "C" bracket Medal Winners
Gold Medal Winners: Bill Majors and Barb Dalaklis
Silver Medal Winners: Lyle Fay and Mary Smith
Bronze Medal Winners: Kelly and Pauline Baccelli

The "B" bracket Medal Winners
Gold Medal Winners: Tom Naylor and Loretta Halpin
Silver Medal Winners: Marty Rubin and Kathy Adams
Bronze Medal Winners: David Rogers and Marta Holm

The "A" bracket Medal Winners
Gold Medal Winners: Cal Meissen and Lin Filbin
Silver Medal Winners: Roger Odle and Robin Haney
Bronze Medal Winners: Mike Hilton and Sue Jonas

Thanks to all pickleball players for their participation.

Special thanks to:
Lin Filbin for handling the tournament sign-ups and her help on the tournament committee.
Linda Brandelius for her help on the tournament committee and running the tournament.
Audrey Morse for recruiting and assigning referees and line judges to all games.
Frank Castellano and Kelly for making bottled water available during the tournament.
ALL referees and line judges for doing an excellent job.
Jack and Kathy Dillon for organizing the potluck and preparing the barrel chicken on site.
Elliott Holden for filming the events.
All volunteers unintentionally unrecognized.

Helmut Koehne
Tournament Director