Congratulations to all the participants who traveled to St. George, Utah to play pickeball in the Huntsman Senior Games. Our group of 20 or so came home with 18 medals, which is fantastic!! Lincoln Sun City pickleballers were recognized as being a great group of rooters and supporters at the dinner put on by Sun River. There were more than 10,000 participants and 391 pickleball competitors. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!

Men's Doubles Age Group 80-84
Gold medal - John Mastor
Gold medal - Marty Rubin

Mixed Doubles Age Group 60-64
Silver medal - Linda Brandelius
Silver medal - D.J. Cox

Mixed Doubles Age Group 65-69
Gold medal - Sharon Klotz
Gold medal - Tom Gatti
Silver medal - Sue Jonas
Ron Hohman (Sue's partner from Juneau, AK)

Women's Doubles Age Group 60-64
Bronze medal - Lin Filbin
Peggy Roghair (Lin's partner from Garden Valley, CA)

Women's Doubles Age Group 65-69
Bronze medal - Linda Brandelius
Claire Norton (Linda's partner from Granite Bay, CA)

Men's Singles Age Group 60-64
Bronze medal - D.J. Cox

Men's Singles Age Group 70-74
Bronze medal - Cal Meissen

Women's Singles Age Group 70-84
Bronze medal - Mona Wheeler
Men's Skill Level 3.0
Gold - Frank Castellano
Gold - Cal Meissen

Women's Skill Level 3.0
Silver - Sharon Klotz
Silver - Sue Jonas
Bronze - Carole Palmroth
Bronze - Mona Wheeler

We hope to have even more participants next year in this venue.