Club Champions 2014

July 31st and August 1st, 2014

Group Photos

Tournament Winners

D Awards

1st place - Jo Ann Beard and Robert Kelly
2nd place - Charlene Kleppe and Ann Dobin
3rd place - Robin Yount and Glenda Hartman
4th place - Katie Bloom and Harry Ramsden

C Awards

1st place - Paul Walz and Gary Mathews
2nd place - Pauline Baccelli and Ken George
3rd place - Betty Carol Smith and Rick Smeaton
4th place - Chrissy Beadle and Mike Salli

B Awards

1st place - Chris Berney and Richard Holm
2nd place - Susan Peterson and Ken Leo
3rd place - Bob Costabile and Jim Berney
4th place - Nancee George and Marty Rubin

A Awards

1st place - Pam Abad and Rein Lemberg
2nd place - Glenise Cunningham and Craig Fraser
3rd place - Susan Whalen and Helmut Koehne
4th place - Michelle Poirer and Jay Messick