2017 Presidents Cup Results

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2.5 Women's Results

Gold: Margeret Bellah and Meredith Nelson.

Silver: Pat Furr and Joanne Cisneros.

Bronze: Ranny eckstrom and Linda Shields.

2.5 Men's Results

Gold: Frank Roderwick and James Dean.

Silver: Dan Willequer and Alain Girad.

Bronze: Sam Megason and Don Ketcherside.

3.0 Women's Results

Gold: Polly Smith and Chris Biswell.

Silver: Sharon Davis and Sherry Mosby.

Bronze: Marilyn Catania and Margo Walters.

3.5 Women's Results

Gold: Andrea Mayorga and Mary Keaney.

Silver: Susan Whalen and Mona Wheeler.

Bronze: Didi Martin and Carol Nakao.

3.5 Men's Results

Gold: Armando Mayorga and Roger Lopossa.

Silver: Ross Meiklejon and D.J. Cox.

Bronze: Rein Lemberg and Fred Hirsch.