Super Senior Tournament 2015

Below are the results for the tournament on March 25th and 26th

A/B Gold Medal Winners
A/B Silver Medal Winners
Jack Spots and Manuel Pick
Cal Meissen and Lionel Rainman
A/B Bronze Medal Winners
C/D Gold Medal Winners
Bill Borge and Ron Slagle
Bill Lampton and Connie Hoetger
C/D Silver Medal Winners
C/D Bronze Medal Winners
Betty Carol Smith and Gordon Conley
Norm Smith and Frank Rodwick

Below are the photos for the Medal Games

A/B Gold Medal Game
A/B Bronze Medal Game
Lionel Rainman, Cal Meissen, Jack Spotts, Manuel Pick
Ron Slagle, Bill Bjorge, Richard Holms, Len Carniato
C/D Gold Medal Game
C/D Bronze Medal Game
Gordon Conley, Betty Carol Smith, Bill Lampton Connie Hoetger
Frank Rodwick, Norm Smith, Katie Bloom, Richard Ames