Wells Fargo Tournament 2014

September 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2014

Tournament Winners

4.0 Bracket

Gold - Andrea Mayorga and Richard Norman
Silver - Robin Haney and D.J. Cox
Bronze - Audrey Morse and Don Parent

3.5 Bracket

Gold - Elizabeth Malin and Cal Meissen
Silver - Glenise and Barry Cunningham
Bronze - Susan Whalen and Bill Bjorge

3.0 Bracket

Gold - Chris and Jim Berney
Silver - Kali and Mike Genest
Bronze - Crissy Beaddle and Don Dobin

2.5 Bracket

Gold - Pam and Ron Slagle
Silver - Charlene Kleppe and Connie Hoetger
Bronze - Gale Miller and Bill Brunst

2.0 Bracket

Gold - Karyl Freeman and David Whorf
Silver - Betty Carol and Norman Smith
Bronze - Sue Ann Donegan and Harry Ramsden