How to dry a wet court

We have several tools for drying a court after a rain. 1. Regular squeegee. 2. Grey roller squeegee 3. Blue roler squeegee.

The first step is to remove any puddles or pools of water on the court. Any of the 3 tools above can be used to push the water off of the court.

However, the courts at this point are still too wet to play safely. The only tool that works to remove the rest of the moisture off the courts are the blue squeegees which are sponges. The grey squeegees are made of foam and will not pick up any water.

The blue squeegee will pick up water as it is lightly rolled accross the court. Its a sponge. Like any sponge, you will need to ring out the water when it becomes saturated. This can be done by taking it to the edge of the court or off court and squeeze the roller with your foot which will remove the water.

You should be able to roll the entire court in just a couple of minutes with a few stops to squeeze out the water. Often this is all you need. Sometimes there will still be wet spots in the uneven areas and you can run the roller over these areas to get the last of the water. Sometimes you might even want to roll the court a second time to get every last bit of moisture. You probably won't need to ring water out of the squeege on the second run as most of the water was picked up on the first pass.

Like any sponge it works best when it is wet. If it hasn't rained in a while, the blue roller sponge will be shrunken and uneven just like any sponge. Before you take it on the court, run it under the water fountain first so it can return to its full size. Ring it out and now it is ready to dry your court.

Many of you like to use towels but towels are a very ineffcient way to dry a court and you will need many towels to accomplish this. Most towels are used by dragging it so you are only using about half the towel at any one time and as soon as it is saturated it is now worthless until you ring it out. I see people hunched over dragging a fully saturated towel on the court which is a waste of time. The blue roller squeegee wil pick up 10 times the amount of water a towel can with a whole lot less effort.

We have professional tools to dry the courts, that work better with less effort. Lets use them and keep the wet towels off the fences and walls.